13 Ways to Have Fun When You’re Sober

13 Ways to Have Fun When You’re Sober

A girl’s or boy’s night out is a great way to bring back joy in your recovery

Addicts often feel if they become sober that their lives will be boring or activities they once found enjoyable will leave them feeling empty and not entertained. However, addicts often are not fully aware of the cost of their addiction financially, emotionally and psychologically. When individuals are no longer suffering the costs associated with addiction, they are able to do other activities they once longed to do but, because of their addiction, were unable to.

Although going through detox, treatment, and entering a new life in recovery from oxycodone addiction can be difficult and painful at times, the accomplishment itself is a tremendous feat and should help the recovering addict have the confidence to continue to make sober choices.  Some individuals may find enjoyment in activities others may not.  For example, one individual may find enjoyment just spending time with loved ones while others may desire physical activity such as hiking and/or biking. It may take time to find out which activities you find joy in again but that is part of the experience of finding yourself.

Ways to Have Fun While Sober

Most individuals struggling with addiction find it rather challenging to rebuild their lives on a foundation of sobriety.  Recovering addicts may fear that nothing they do will be fun anymore and that friends and activities they once enjoyed will now be boring or dull. It’s true that some activities may have to be eliminated because they are too triggering, but the most effective way to remain sober, and avoid triggers is to find activities that are not dependent upon one’s alcohol or drug use. This is referred to as “sober fun.” As you progress in recovery, you’ll start to uncover who you are and discover new interests, which may differ from past interests.  Recovery is about discovery and finding out what brings joy back to your life.  Included in the following are 13 ways to have fun while sober:

  • Games
  • Dinner and entertainment
  • Local events
  • Themed party
  • Celebrating holidays
  • Girls/boys night in/out
  • Trying new activities
  • Road trips
  • Short vacations
  • Having friends/family over
  • Volunteering
  • Adopting an animal
  • Helping others

Some recovering addicts need to feel a sense of purpose and find a way to reintegrate themselves back into both society and their family structure. To help ease this transition, recovering addicts could hold a game night at their residence or a facility, or even get a group together to attend a sporting event.  This can help them re-build relationships that were negatively affected by their addiction while at the same time making new sober memories to replace the past drug-using ones. Having a game night at one’s residence could also become a tradition that could help give the recovering addict a day during the week to look forward to.

Having dinner could involve going out to a new restaurant or cooking a new meal at home for loved ones.  This could help the recovering addict learn how to cook healthy foods, go shopping, and just plan a whole evening for others. This can also help the recovering addict with time management as well as multi-tasking skills. The entertainment could be a movie or going to a live show.  No matter the activity, it is just important to go to an event where drugs and/or alcohol are not present or visible to the recovering addict.

Simple activities such as learning how to garden can be greatly enjoyable. Or if you seek more vigorous activity, you can look for bike trails, go on a hike, or join a running club, all of which can help improve your physical health. The activities you begin to find joy may differ from how other people choose to spend their time.  Not everyone likes the same activities, events, or hobbies and that is what makes each of us unique. Helping loved ones find themselves after their past struggle with addiction can be a rewarding process for all involved. The most important aspect for a recovering addict is that your environment and those around you avoid drug use. Although you may have been sober for a long time, temptation can strike and cause a brief lapse of judgment, which can lead to relapse.

Oxycodone Addiction Treatment

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