3 Common Fears about Oxycodone Recovery

3 common fears about oxycodone recoveryOxycodone is one of the most commonly prescribed painkillers in the U.S. and one of the most addictive. This narcotic is related to opium and heroin and is nearly as hard to get clean of once addiction has set in. The disease has both physical and psychological aspects to it, and use may mask co-occurring psychological disorders. It is extremely difficult if not impossible to conquer oxycodone addiction on your own. Caring professional help is needed, but fears about the recovery process keep millions of people locked in a life-destroying pattern of addiction.

Fear of the Pain of Oxycodone Detoxification and Withdrawal

Many oxycodone addicts have experienced mild withdrawal symptoms, if they have been without a supply of pills for any length of time. The extreme discomfort they felt during those times has instilled in them a fear of how bad it would be if they did actually quit taking the drug. While it is true that withdrawal symptoms can be especially intense with opiates like oxycodone, the most effective modern treatment centers offer medically supervised detox services in which the addict is given a carefully monitored dose of medication to relieve the most intense symptoms of withdrawal. The process is usually done gradually and in combination with psychological support. Oxycodone detox will be challenging, but with the help available from rehab programs you can handle it. The eventual physical and emotional pain facing a long-term addict is far greater than the discomfort of detox.

Fear of the Cost of Oxycodone Rehabilitation

There are many oxycodone users who do not explore treatment options, because they fear they can’t afford them. Some treatment options involve exotic locations, luxurious appointments and high-end techniques, but there are many excellent programs that are accessible to anyone and everyone. The costs of oxycodone rehab are often covered by insurance programs or other financial assistance programs. Financial concerns should never keep a person from seeking help with their addiction. The costs of continued drug abuse financially, physically, relationally and even legally are far steeper than the cost of treatment.

Fear of Oxycodone Rehabilitation Not Working

Not all addiction treatment programs are equal. Some treat all addicts the same, but this is a decidedly old-fashioned approach, and it is not how the most effective programs work. Each person seeking help for addiction recovery is unique and has their own individual story and needs. From detox through a fully integrated rehab program that is custom designed for each person, we can assure you that you will be treated with great care, respect and attention. Freedom from oxycodone is possible for anyone.

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