5 Ways to Bounce Back After an Oxycodone Relapse

5 Ways to Bounce Back After an Oxycodone Relapse

If you relapse, get to a support group meeting immediately

Oxycodone is currently the most popular prescription drug in the country, with millions of people abusing it on a regular basis. It goes without saying how addictive this drug is, as even those who never intended on becoming addicted to it (i.e. people that use it as prescribed) can fall victim to its powerful sway. If you are one of the millions of oxycodone addicts, then you are likely familiar with the many dangers that addiction can and will produce. If you are one of the many that are recovering from addiction, then you will have some new concerns going forward. Learn how to overcome addiction and to respond to relapse to get and stay clean for the long haul.

5 Tips for Dealing with Oxycodone Relapse

Regardless of how long you have been sober from a drug, one of your biggest concerns in recovery is likely to be what to do if you relapse. You may be well aware that relapse is very common, and you do not want to slip up, but say you do. What should you do after you relapse to ensure that your drug abuse does not grow out of control? Here are 5 ways to bounce back after relapsing on oxycodone:

  • Get to a support group meeting – Go immediately to the next possible Narcotics Anonymous or 12-Step support group meeting. Share the truth about your relapse, and quickly begin tapping into your support system of other recovering addicts to help you.
  • Call a sober coach – If you have a sober coach or even a sober companion, call him and let him know what happened. Work with him to develop a plan going forward.
  • Contact your treatment facility – Ask to speak to a familiar counselor at your old treatment facility. She can help you determine if you need to go back to treatment or not.
  • Do not go into denial – Whatever you do, do not make excuses for your drug abuse. Do not go into denial in regard to how much oxycodone you use, because even the smallest doses can cause major concern.
  • Distance yourself – Distance yourself from those people, places or things that encourage your drug abuse. Do not let oxycodone become available in your general vicinity. By doing this, you can remove the temptation of relapse.

It is important to prepare for the possibility of a relapse, meaning that you should always have a back-up plan in case you do experience one. Your back-up plan might include some (or all) of the aforementioned suggestions, or you might have some methods of your own to return to recovery. Either way, getting back on track should always be your main objective after relapse occurs.

Find Treatment for Oxycodone Relapse

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