Am I Too Old for Oxycodone Addiction Recovery?

Am I Too Old for Oxycodone Addiction Recovery?Oxycodone addiction develops in many ways, and it can affect people regardless of their gender, race and even age. Because addiction can impact anyone, countless treatment options have developed to address addiction issues, so addicts can recover even if they think they are too old to break this destructive habit. If you abuse oxycodone, seek help and restore your health, no matter your age.

Oxycodone Addiction Recovery

Contrary to popular belief, people are never too old to end an oxycodone addiction. As a matter of fact, many recovering oxycodone addicts are elderly individuals who accidentally became addicted to the substance when using it to treat pain. Therefore, people of all ages can achieve complete recovery, especially because the treatment process is designed to treat people, not addiction. Some of the most popular, age-friendly aspects of oxycodone addiction recovery include the following services:

  • Detox – Regardless of age, oxycodone addicts need medically supervised detox. This often includes medicating withdrawal symptoms with weak opioid, such as methadone or buprenorphine, and medical care is always available to alter treatment.
  • Behavioral therapy – In therapy, it is possible teach an old dog new tricks, because people of all ages can change their behaviors to end drug abuse. Behavioral therapy provides modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy or dialectical behavioral therapy to treat addicts, both young and old.
  • Aftercare planning  – Since oxycodone addiction can take a major toll on users both physically and psychologically, people of all ages can work with a treatment planner after rehab to customize treatment to their unique needs. This can include age-specific support groups, as well as age-appropriate activities, that encourage sobriety for the long run.

Regardless of age, people can benefit from oxycodone addiction recovery through medically supervised detox, behavioral therapy and aftercare planning that encourage continued sobriety. If you need help recovering from an addiction, do not delay treatment because you think you are too old.

Age-Specific Addiction Care

Even though the treatment process might be the same for many oxycodone addicts, users can enter recovery programs that are geared towards their specific age group. In programs that focus on how age affects unique aspects of addiction recovery, elderly oxycodone addicts can get the basic help they need while they receive additional care based on their specific concerns. By doing this, they can tend to their detox and therapeutic needs while preparing to reintegrate back into an improved lifestyle. In other words, you can recover from oxycodone addiction if you have the right help.

Oxycodone Addiction Treatment for Older People

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