Can I Quit Oxycodone On My Own?

Can I quit Oxycodone on my own?Relapse is more likely to happen when people decide to overcome addiction alone. They may believe that if they muster up enough willpower and strength to quit, then success is obtainable. Very few have been able to accomplish this feat, and in the long run the perseverance to stop typically wears off. People convince themselves that returning to drugs like oxycodone is the only solution to the discomfort they feel from withdrawal.

Addiction, however, is not beaten by modifying behavior. It’s not broken by cutting back, quitting cold turkey or just avoiding it. Addiction lies in the brain. Oxycodone becomes the means by which a person copes with pain, loss and their emotions. With help and the right resources a person will go farther in long-term recovery.

Relapse Prevention for Oxycodone Recovery

Preventing oxycodone relapse is the primary goal of recovery. If people can identify root issues that drive their addiction then they are better able to abstain from turning to oxycodone to deal with the issue occurring. When people are alone and isolated from others, their feelings, thoughts and emotions continue to stay suppressed. Hopelessness, depression, lethargy and a lack of passion about life begin to develop. It’s these feelings that recovering addicts have a hard time overcoming when attempting to get clean on their own. Oxycodone addiction treatment understands the depth of healing that is needed for a person to feel hopeful, renewed and rejuvenated about life without the need for drugs.

The Benefits of Group Therapy When Quitting Oxycodone

During oxycodone group therapy and counseling, people are encouraged to embrace the process of healing within the context of the community provided. Group therapy gives recovering oxycodone users the opportunity to openly talk about their struggles with others who can relate. This outlet allows recovering users to feel heard. They are also able to listen and learn from others who are at different points in the recovery process. Group therapy also keeps recovering users accountable to others rather than just themselves. When people are responsible to others rather than simply themselves, they are more willing to do the work and stay the course. There is much room to get distracted, be tempted, relapse and prolong the process of sobriety when attempting to do it alone. The resources available through treatment are invaluable in keeping a person on track to health, wholeness and happiness.

Where to Find Help Quitting Oxycodone

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to oxycodone, please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline. Our counselors are available to talk to you about oxycodone, addiction and recovery options. Reach out to someone today, and start quitting oxycodone now.