Dangers of Relapsing on Oxycodone

Dangers of Relapsing on OxycodoneOxycodone relapse can be life threatening, but it can also cause a recovering user to become addicted once again. If someone relapses, she may not be able to withstand as much oxycodone as before, so she could easily overdose if she takes doses she was formerly used to. Furthermore, although one case of oxycodone relapse does not have to result in addiction, it usually risks this problem if users avoid treatment. There is no way to predict how oxycodone relapse will affect people, but the risks are severe, and all it takes is one relapse to end up addicted again or suffer from overdose. Get help to safeguard your recovery or to recover quickly from a relapse.

Why Is Oxycodone Overdose More Likely after Relapse?

Even if you take the same dose that you took before attending addiction treatment, you put yourself at risk for oxycodone overdose if you relapse. When you are addicted to oxycodone, you build up a tolerance to the drug, so you require higher doses to achieve the same relief you used to get with smaller doses. Over time, your dosage can double, triple or even quadruple from your original instance of drug abuse. However, when you attend oxycodone addiction treatment and go through detox, your tolerance subsides. Unfortunately, most users that relapse on oxycodone do not consider this fact and take an extremely high dose of oxycodone, but with little to no tolerance anymore, you put yourself at a higher risk for overdose.

How to Treat Oxycodone Relapse

If you relapse on oxycodone, it does not mean you have ruined your recovery. With continued treatment you can recover from an oxycodone relapse, but it is important to begin treatment as soon as possible afterwards. Relapsing on oxycodone and ignoring the need for treatment is just as bad as suffering from addiction and not receiving treatment. If you avoid professional help after relapse, you will likely continue your oxycodone abuse and suffer from addiction once again. To counter this, after relapsing on oxycodone you should call a therapist or addiction treatment center to discuss your relapse and plan a new phase of treatment.

Oxycodone Addiction Treatment after Relapse

Relapsing on oxycodone does not mean you are instantly addicted again, but addiction can develop quickly afterwards, and you also risk overdose. If you relapse on oxycodone, then call our toll-free helpline and allow our addiction experts to help you find a treatment center. You can avoid another oxycodone addiction and further prevent relapse when you leave treatment again. Our experts are standing by 24 hours a day to answer your questions and get you well, so call us anytime for professional help.