Did I Ruin My Recovery from Oxycodone Addiction by Relapsing?

Did I Ruin My Recovery from Oxycodone Addiction by Relapsing?Recovering from oxycodone addiction is a long process, and when you relapse you may feel like you have ruined all the progress you have made. While relapse is a setback to your recovery, it is not the end. You can get back to where you need to be and continue to recover from oxycodone addiction. Relapsing is not good, but it can be a wakeup call and can result in positive action. If you have relapsed on oxycodone, use it as an opportunity to get back on the right track in your recovery.

Why Oxycodone Relapse Happens

Oxycodone relapse can happen to anyone. Once you leave oxycodone rehab, it is easy to drift away from the concepts you learned that are designed to keep you sober. When you are not practicing techniques to overcome cravings and stress, it can be easy to turn to oxycodone when things get tough. Another reason oxycodone relapse happens might be that you stopped receiving addiction treatment or participating actively in recovery efforts. Oxycodone addiction is a lifelong problem, and you have to stay on top of it to prevent relapse. The best way to make sure you don’t relapse is to continue attending counseling sessions and participating in support groups or other recovery programs.

What Happens after Oxycodone Relapse?

After you relapse, call someone you can trust and tell them what has happened. Talking to someone about your relapse will get your problem out in the open and prevent you from continuing to use oxycodone. After you talk to someone about your relapse, you should immediately get back into treatment. Receiving treatment for oxycodone addiction will help you strengthen the techniques you learned in rehab and will reinforce the important things you learned. Once you leave treatment, you will be better prepared to avoid relapse again.

Oxycodone Addiction Help

If you are addicted to oxycodone or have experienced a relapse, we want to help. Call our toll-free helpline any time, and let us talk with you about effective treatment options and how you can best recovery from addiction or relapse. We can let you know if your health insurance will pay for oxycodone rehab, and we will answer any questions you have about oxycodone addiction or relapse. Stop addiction today. Call now.