Do Support Groups Really Aid Oxycodone Addiction Recovery?

Do Support Groups Really Aid Oxycodone Addiction Recovery?Support groups can help oxycodone users cope during a treatment program and afterward. By attending a support group, oxycodone users can begin to realize that they are not alone in their battle against addiction. Witnessing the struggles of others in similar situations helps oxycodone users accept responsibility for their addiction and finally decide to devote themselves to recovery. Even more importantly, when oxycodone users talk about how they feel in a supportive environment, they can begin to overcome the issues that contributed to their oxycodone abuse.

When oxycodone users help each other during support group sessions, they gain a strong sense of self-worth that gives them the confidence they need to successfully complete treatment. However, this type of mutual support among recovering users should not end at the conclusion of the program. Maintaining a network of support after treatment is vital to the success of long-term recovery. After rehab, recovering users should continue attending support group meetings as a part of their aftercare plan.

Types of Support Groups for Recovering Oxycodone Users

There are many different types of support groups designed for recovering oxycodone users. For example, there are separate groups for women and men, groups for users who are addicted to multiple substances, and groups for people with a co-occurring mental health disorder. Many support groups for oxycodone users operate according to the 12-step model, which offers a set of guiding principles that promote recovery. For example, support group members must admit their powerlessness over their oxycodone addiction and surrender to a higher power.

Another important aspect of the 12-step model is choosing a sponsor. Eventually, each group member must choose a sponsor, a person who has successfully recovered from addiction and who can provide ongoing support. When recovering oxycodone users are struggling to avoid relapse, they can call their sponsors for help. Sponsors also help recovering users accept their past mistakes and make amends in any way they can. However, the primary goal of the 12-step model for support groups is to provide members with the encouragement they need to live a life free from oxycodone abuse.

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