Filling the Void Left by Oxycodone Addiction

Filling the Void Left by Oxycodone Addiction

Healthy nutrition can fill the void left by Oxycodone addiction

Oxycodone addiction is not just a disease, but a way of life. Getting high, being high and all the activities that lead to drug abuse not only occupy huge chunks of time, but they also structure an addict’s life. This means that, even in recovery, oxycodone leaves a huge void in a user’s life and schedule; filling that void is an essential part of building a successful recovery.

What Activities Prevent Oxycodone Relapse

Many activities can take up the time and energy that oxycodone abuse formerly dominated, but to know what options might work best for you, look at the original motivations for seeking treatment. While addicted to oxycodone, what were you missing? What did you want to be doing for fun? What did you want to achieve? The answers to these questions differ for every user, and they can lead recovering users to productive ways to fill free time. Regardless of the specific activity you choose, seek activities that meet the following criteria:

  • Healthy nutrition – Oxycodone addiction can devastate a user’s health, so develop cooking skills through a class or simple experimentation to improve your nutritional health. Exercise also boosts health to help the body keep up with the demands of recovery.
  • Fun – Being sober doesn’t mean having no fun. On the contrary, freedom from oxycodone opens up more opportunity to do acts that put a smile on your face. See a movie, play board games, travel or just eat at a restaurant to enjoy yourself.
  • Social – Other drug users are the only meaningful social contact some people maintain while they abuse oxycodone. Activities with a social component can help build new relationships and a supportive social network, or they can reconnect users with friends and family they neglected. Join a club, perhaps one centered on exercise, to interact with others, but other people might want to focus on smaller social groups.
  • Developmental – Putting time into something that improves specific skills is also a good way to avoid relapse. Online or in-person classes can improve professional capabilities. Also, becoming active in business or professional groups can be improve developmental and social skills.
  • Relaxing – Oxycodone wins over so many people because it guarantees relaxation, so find other ways to relax to make living without drugs easier. Exercise promotes relaxation as well as health, so pursuits like yoga offer pathways to relaxation. Users also need discipline to carve out time each day to enjoy the freedom that comes from avoiding oxycodone.
  • Purposeful – While using oxycodone, there is very little opportunity to do anything that is meaningful for the people around you, but finding ways to help others is a valuable benefit of recovery. This effort can be as simple as helping people in your own family, or they could mean volunteering in the community or with a church group.

In other words, if you find meaningful activities, you can avoid oxycodone relapse.

Oxycodone Addiction Help

If you want make room in your life for new, positive activities, call our 24 hour helpline to learn about oxycodone addiction treatment. The call is toll free, so seek help today to begin recovery as soon as possible.