Financial Loss and Oxycodone Addiction

Financial Loss and Oxycodone AddictionPaying off credit card debt, student loans, mortgages, medical bills, and other expenses can seem crippling at times. When a person experiences significant financial problems due to a bad investment or the loss of a job, he may develop stress, anxiety, or depression. Not being able to pay for important bills can lead to feelings of failure and a sense of hopelessness. After experiencing a financial loss, a person may need time to grieve.

Oxycodone Abuse Only Provides Temporary Relief

When a person is suffering emotionally due to a financial loss, they may turn to oxycodone abuse for relief. Although oxycodone abuse may temporarily ease the negative feelings associated with financial problems, using oxycodone to cope with negative life events often leads to tolerance, dependence, and addiction. Oxycodone is a mind-altering medication that is only intended for the treatment of chronic pain. Using oxycodone for any other purpose or without a prescription from a doctor is dangerous and may lead to health complications such as a drug overdose.

Oxycodone Addiction Leads to Further Financial Loss

Oxycodone is habit forming. Although oxycodone abuse may provide a fleeting sense of emotional relief to the victims of financial loss, addiction only exacerbates existing financial problems in the long run. In fact, supplying an oxycodone addiction can lead to the financial destitution of an entire family.

Oxycodone users often try to fix their drug cravings before they attend to their basic needs. They cannot resist the compulsion to use and may go to desperate measures to fund their habits. They may use money they need for important bills, such as rent or utilities, to purchase oxycodone. They may even steal money from others in order to purchase oxycodone. As addiction progresses, users continue to abuse oxycodone to the complete depletion of their financial resources. When a person is already experiencing financial problems, an addiction can be especially devastating, even leading to homelessness, in some cases.

Treatment for Oxycodone Addiction

Oxycodone addiction treatment can help users overcome their compulsive habits and rebuild their lives. Treatment offers patients a combination of medical and psychological care and the opportunity to learn healthy coping skills. By applying positive coping skills to negative situations, patients learn how to avoid oxycodone abuse in the future. Patients also benefit from holistic therapies such as yoga and acupuncture. After completing treatment, former patients follow an aftercare plan that helps them prevent relapse.

Need Help Finding High Quality Treatment for Oxycodone Addiction?

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