Finding Determination to Live Sober

Finding Determination to Live Sober

Finding determination to live sober can seem daunting, but taking recovery one day at a time can help you get and stay clean

Finding determination to stay sober is a big part of learning to live without drugs. Many of the steps to sobriety are found once someone enters treatment, but the underlying strength to stay clean come from somewhere deep inside. Nurturing this willingness happens through making good decisions on a daily basis. Understand that sobriety is a journey, not a destination.

Nurturing Positive Relationships

The importance of healthy and supportive relationships cannot be expressed enough when it comes to staying sober. Without the support of others, determination can become empty and useless, so having several friends or loved ones to whom you are accountable gives you a reason to make good choices. Knowing that others depend upon you to keep your commitment to sobriety reinforces your resolve to stay clean. Addiction lulls you into thinking about no one but yourself, but sober living forces you to see how your behavior impacts others. The determination to live sober can come from the love you have for others and your desire to put their needs before your own.

Giving Back Through Addiction Recovery

Once you realize how much others have given to help you get and stay sober, it is easier to want to give back to them. Helping those around you through your service, treatment or community gives you a sense of pride and the ability to see outside of yourself. Knowing that others depend upon you, maybe for the first time in your life, can help you determine to stay free of alcohol.

Getting Healthy from Addiction

People who struggle with alcohol addiction do so at the expense of their health. The spend money on alcohol rather than food; they become preoccupied with getting and using the drug, so other healthy habits like proper rest and exercise fall by the wayside. However, when these good choices are reintroduced to a recovering alcoholic, then good feelings suddenly come from other sources rather than only getting drunk. The positive energy gained from getting healthy helps recovering alcoholics maintain the determination to stay sober. Nothing can replace the sense of wellbeing that comes from a healthy body and mind. Experiencing those feelings for the first time in a long time can empower your willingness to stay on the road to recovery.

Achieving Goals and Dreams Through Alcoholism Recovery

Alcoholism robs you of the desire to achieve your goals. When the only thought motivating you is taking your next drink, then there isn’t much room left for the ideas that once brought you joy. Making room for those goals again can help you build and maintain determination to stay sober. Going back to school, finishing your degree, getting a diploma, rediscovering a loved talent or pursuing some new skill can all feed your willingness to stay free of alcohol.

Focusing on Your Strengths in Alcoholism Recovery

Alcoholism can deplete you of any self-worth you may have had, but learning to find those strengths and abilities again can feed your determination to stay sober. Simply making one good choice a day, one day at a time, can be enough to remind you that you are worthy of a new life. Rediscovering your sense of humor, your love for others, a servant’s heart or the strength for tasks you never thought possible can make it easier and easier to make good choices.

Making Good Decisions in Alcoholism Recovery

Good decisions are important parts of feeding the determination to stay sober. As a recovering alcoholic, you know how quickly one wrong decision can spiral out of control; in fact, one bad choice can easily result in relapse. On the other hand, making one good choice at a time can build your self-confidence and empower you to stay in recovery. Psychology Today recommends that you employ the following strategies to make good decisions:

  • Take your time. Knee-jerk decisions can often backfire, so take time to reflect on your choices before committing to anything.
  • Don’t let your emotions be your guide. Create distance between you and your emotions before making any decision. Balancing emotions with logic can help protect you from poor choices.
  • Look at your choices from a variety of perspectives. Enlist friends to help you see the variety of outcomes that your choices might produce.
  • Seek wise council. Talk to trustworthy, respectable people about decisions to gain important perspective to make good choices.

With help, you can get and stay clean from alcohol.

Find Help for Alcoholism Recovery

Staying determined about sobriety is an important part of recovery. Determination comes from many places, so learn to recognize what keeps you focused, and then nurture those acts to reduce your risk of relapse. If you or a loved one struggles with alcohol abuse, we are here to help you; call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline now to speak to our admissions coordinators about available treatment options.