Five Tips to Prevent the Development of Addiction

Five Tips to Prevent the Development of Addiction

No matter if it’s a sport or artistic event, having something to be passionate about motivates individuals to stay healthy

Oxycodone is a narcotic medication used to help relieve one’s moderate to severe pain. It accomplishes this pain relief by working in the brain to change how an individual’s body responds to painful stimuli. This medication is extremely habit forming, which means it can rapidly cause one to experience physical dependence or even addiction within a few uses of it. This can occur even if the medication is taken properly.

Even when medications are used as prescribed, individuals using them can find themselves addicted to the medication. The signs can be subtle and can go unnoticed until an individual experiences a negative consequence of his drug use or even experiences withdrawal symptoms. Knowing ways to help prevent one from becoming addicted to his medication can help him be in control and on the lookout for the warning signs.

Tips to Prevent Addiction

No matter what one’s background or current situation is, it is possible for her to avoid slipping into the dangers of addiction by avoiding environments that promote it. The keys to avoiding addiction are keeping one’s self happy and healthy while remaining drug free. Included in the following are five tips to help one prevent the development of addiction:

  • Find healthy options to cope with stress
  • Seek additional support, counseling or therapy
  • Maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle
  • Have things in your life you’re passionate about
  • Be aware of your family history of drug use and abuse

Often times, individuals seek drug use to cope with stress, tension and anxiety when in reality drugs are only a temporary fix or solution. Once the individual starts to come down from her drugs, she is more likely to experience both physical and psychological sides effects that can intensity her feelings of stress and anxiety. In addition to the mental and physical side effects she experiences, financial strain and relationship issues are also common. Finding coping methods, which are healthy, such as exercise and meditation can reduce an individual’s urge to continue oxycodone abuse.

It is common for individuals to experience feelings of depression or feelings similar to depression. Experiencing these highs and lows can be difficult at times to cope with. Many drug users are often people who are attempting to self-medicate and relieve any or all of their psychological issues, even if for a brief moment. The issue is oxycodone abuse does not treat nor reverse mental health issues and in fact can worsen a pre-existing mental health issue or even create new ones. Drugs just temporarily mask the symptoms, which could make proper treatment ineffective. Seeking help for these mental health issues with a mental health professional is a much more effective, rewarding and long-lasting way to treat a psychological or emotional problem.

Both low self-esteem and depression are major triggers for drug use and abuse. It is easy to let a stressful issue, such as work frustrations, become overwhelming to the point that one no longer enjoys nor partakes in other important aspects of his life. Maintaining healthy and strong relationships and finding a balance between physical and social activities can help one maintain stability, which can help individuals stay drug free and reduce their risks from using drugs like oxycodone to self-medicate.

No matter if it’s a sport or artistic event, having something to be passionate about motivates individuals to stay healthy – mentally and emotionally. If one is passionate about the people and activities in his life, he drastically reduces his risks of addiction and is far less likely to jeopardize his relationships by abusing drugs.

Genetics play an intricate role in addiction. Although having a family history of drug abuse does not mean an individual is guaranteed to become an addict, it does mean that she has a much higher change of becoming addicted and must take precautions to avoid drug and alcohol abuse. It is often much easier to avoid substances altogether rather than recover from addiction. If, as a child, an individual was around a parent or loved one who struggled with addiction, it may be beneficial to seek counseling to help with any unresolved issues.

Oxycodone Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one is experiencing an addiction to oxycodone and despite his efforts cannot seem to conquer his addiction or you find yourself on the verge of addiction, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our highly trained and compassionate counselors are available for you 24 hours a day to help answer any and all addiction questions as well as help you find the best treatment available. Your life is worth the call, so call us today!