Grief and Oxycodone Addiction

Grief and Oxycodone AddictionOxycodone addiction can occur for any number of reasons, and one possible reason someone may become addicted to oxycodone is abusing the drug in order to self-medicate feelings of grief. Grief is one of the strongest human emotions there is, and while oxycodone may help you ignore your grief for a short period of time, it does nothing to solve the problem and will actually make feelings of grief even worse. Leaning on oxycodone as a crutch for your grief does not resolve your feelings, and if you continue this behavior you will develop an addiction to oxycodone. If you abuse oxycodone instead of dealing with your grief in a healthy way, you should seek oxycodone addiction treatment.

The Connection between Grief and Oxycodone Abuse

When you begin abusing oxycodone as a means of self-medicating your grief, you quickly form a connection between grief and oxycodone abuse. When you experience feelings of grief, these feelings begin to act as a trigger, and psychologically you crave oxycodone when you experience grief. When you come down from oxycodone, the feelings of grief will return and so too will the desire for oxycodone. As your habit develops, eventually you will also begin to experience physical cravings, also known as physical withdrawal symptoms. Soon it will become so unbearable that you will go to extreme lengths to abuse oxycodone.

Overcoming Grief and Oxycodone Abuse

When you get into a cycle of grief and oxycodone abuse, breaking the cycle can be difficult. If you cannot stop abusing oxycodone on your own, you should seek professional treatment. If you are addicted to oxycodone, professional treatment for oxycodone addiction gives you your best chance at recovery. During treatment you will learn more about the connection between grief and oxycodone addiction. Understanding this connection can help you deal with your grief in more healthy ways and avoid oxycodone relapse when you leave treatment.

Do You Need Oxycodone Addiction Treatment?

Even if you feel like you have nowhere to turn, there is always a way to overcome your oxycodone addiction. Our toll-free helpline is here for anyone that is searching for an answer to their oxycodone addiction. Our trained addiction experts are here for you 24 hours a day to answer your questions, direct you to an effective oxycodone addiction treatment center, and to let you know if your health insurance will pay for all or part of oxycodone addiction treatment.