Helping Someone Stay Clean from Oxycodone

Helping Someone Stay Clean from OxycodoneOxycodone is a drug that is often prescribed to treat pain. While it can be an effective painkiller, use can lead to a dangerous addiction. Someone who has developed an addiction to oxycodone will need to undergo professional treatment in order to recover fully. He or she will also need the support of family and friends in order to get and remain clean from the drug. While the individual with the addiction must make the decision to stay sober, as a loved one you can make the process of recovery easier for the individual. Support and encouragement are crucial to staying clean from oxycodone.

How Do You Get Your Loved One into Oxycodone Addiction Treatment?

In order for a person to stay clean from oxycodone, he or she must first get clean. This involves detox and rehab treatment. Oxycodone addiction can develop in a number of ways, but it is not uncommon for it to happen accidentally as a result of legitimate medical treatment. Accidental oxycodone addiction often causes a person to be in denial or to be ashamed of the addiction. You may need to stage an intervention in order to get your loved one to accept the needed treatment. An intervention is an organized meeting with the addicted individual in which he or she is confronted with the reality of the addiction and is offered a plan of treatment. Interventions can end successfully with the person going directly into oxycodone addiction treatment.

How Do You Help Your Loved One during Oxycodone Addiction Treatment?

While your loved one is in treatment, you should become educated about the rehab process. You need to learn how best to support that person once he or she returns home. This will likely mean getting involved in the rehab process, attending family therapy at the rehab facility and going to a support group geared to friends and families of recovering individuals. Learn what symptoms of relapse to watch for, and know ahead of time what actions to take if a relapse becomes a threat.

What Can You Do to Help Your Loved One after Treatment?

You can be a great help to your loved one as he or she transitions back into normal life after oxycodone addiction treatment. In preparation of the return, make sure to empty the house of any intoxicating substances. A user that truly wants his or her drug of choice will find a way to get it, but if it is readily available the temptation to use can be overwhelming. Try to make the recovering individual’s life as stress-free as possible, and help the recovering person deal with his or her emotions in a healthy way. Encourage the individual to continue going to support group meetings, and if you suspect a relapse has occurred, get help immediately. Recovery is an ongoing process, so don’t give up on your loved one. A life free of oxycodone addiction is well worth the effort.

Do You Need Help Assisting Someone with Oxycodone Addiction?

Is someone you love addicted to or recovering from an addiction to oxycodone? Please call our toll-free helpline and learn how you can help. We are available 24 hours a day and can answer your addiction and recovery questions. Don’t wait to help your loved one, call today.