Holistic Rehab for Oxycodone Addiction

Holistic rehab for Oxycodone addictionOxycodone is a prescription pain reliever that is categorized as an opiate (narcotic) analgesic. Oxycodone does not relieve pain by reducing inflammation but changes the way a user’s brain and nervous system perceive pain. As with most opiates, people who use this drug, even with a medical prescription, are at a high risk for developing physical and psychological dependence, even after only a few weeks or months of use. As patients develop tolerance and need more of the drug to relieve the same amount of pain, they may feel a strong urge to abuse the drug.

Using oxycodone correctly is crucial to one’s safety. Oxycodone pills are extended release tablets that should not be taken as needed but on a regular cycle. Furthermore, oxycodone tablets are meant to be swallowed whole; chewing, crushing, snorting, or dissolving these pills releases a large amount of oxycodone into the body at once. Though this causes euphoria, it may result in overdose or death. Before using oxycodone, patients should talk to their doctor about the many health risks.

Risks and Signs of Oxycodone Addiction

If you are afraid that you or someone you love may be dependent on oxycodone, certain signs may indicate addiction and the need for therapy and treatment from a drug rehab center. Addiction signs may include the following:

  • Using oxycodone incorrectly
  • Using oxycodone without a prescription
  • Finishing prescriptions too quickly
  • Using oxycodone despite negative results
  • Severe mood changes

If a person is addicted to oxycodone and using prescriptions quickly, he or she may be seeing several doctors to obtain more than necessary or purchasing the drug illicitly. Signs of “doctor shopping” and obtaining the drug illicitly include these behaviors:

  • Secluded behavior
  • Stealing and lying
  • Unexplainable lack of money

Once an oxycodone addict understands his need for help or is prompted to acceptance by a loved one, it is time to begin oxycodone addiction rehab.

Benefits of Holistic Treatment and Rehab

Oxycodone alters users psychologically and often destroys social and familial relationships; therefore, oxycodone addicts might benefit from a rehab program that focuses on patients as individuals and aims to restore all areas of life, not merely health or daily functions. In holistic treatment, patients create a new lifestyle and a new sense of wellbeing.

Patients enjoy nutritional food and exercise rooms, as well as recreation, such as yoga, acupuncture, or even horseback riding and other therapeutic activities. This helps patients channel their energies into safe activities and relieve the anxiety associated with addiction. Patients may also attend classes about addiction and recovery, as well as individual counseling. And along with their personal discovery of healing, patients share experiences in group therapy. Support from fellow addicts creates a mutual understanding that is often necessary for recovery.

Patients are able to leave rehab with new knowledge, a new outlook on life, and new ways to spend their time. Oftentimes, after rehab, patients continue receiving group support from other recovered addicts through aftercare, to ensure a long, healthy and drug free life.

Need Help Finding Holistic Rehabilitation for Oxycodone Addiction?

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