How Common Is Oxycodone Addiction?

 How Common Is Oxycodone Addiction? Determining exactly how many Americans are addicted to a prescription drug is difficult. Because oxycodone is widely prescribed, it is widely available. In a 2001 Newsweek article Jerry Adler reports that 1.9 million people in America indicated taking oxycodone in an illicit or illegal manner. This may mean taking more pills more often than the doctor ordered. It may mean sneaking the pills from a relative or friend’s prescription. It may mean faking injury or pain to get a prescription from a doctor. The numbers of abusers or addicts is large and getting larger.

Is There a Typical Oxycodone Addict?

There is no typical oxycodone addict. There are as many reasons for taking the drug and for abusing it as there are people. However there are some common use patterns such as the following:

  • A patient may begin taking oxycodone to manage pain. He or she may find that the drug dramatically affects his or her mood. In the midst of the chronic pain this good feeling becomes extremely attractive, and the temptation to recreate it overwhelms the knowledge of the effects of oxycodone abuse.
  • An individual may find and experiment with oxycodone found in a friend or family member’s medicine cabinet. Experimentation and recreational use leads to dependence and addiction.
  • A person who has experimented with other drugs may be seeking new highs and may combine oxycodone with alcohol or other drugs.

The person addicted to oxycodone is not a person with limited willpower or bad intentions. Addiction is related to chemical changes and co-occurring concerns, and, while early use is a choice, no one chooses to become addicted.

End Oxycodone Addiction

Now is the time to break free from your addiction. You are not alone, as we are here 24 hours a day to talk with you about oxycodone, addiction and recovery. Call our toll-free helpline to learn more about your current situation and your options for recovery.