How Dangerous Is Oxycodone Abuse?

How dangerous is Oxycodone abuse?Oxycodone is used with great success for the purpose of pain management. The medication works by stimulating opioid receptors in the brain and can reach its full effect in as little as one hour. Stimulating opioid receptors blocks sensations of pain and relaxes the user.

Oxycodone Abuse and Addiction

The active ingredients that make oxycodone powerful and effective also create a high potential for abuse and addiction. Because of the body’s ability to rapidly build a tolerance to the effects of oxycodone, the drug is primarily prescribed for short-term use. The longer a patient takes the substance, the more their body begins to counteract the effects of the drug. The body does this in an attempt at self-preservation but what usually happens is that patients begin to take more frequent or higher doses of oxycodone to produce the same amounts of pain relief or wellbeing. This process is known as tolerance and often leads to dependence. Oxycodone dependence can be defined as the genuine belief by an individual using the medication that they need the drug to function in society or maintain feelings of normalcy. Oxycodone dependence is often a precursor to oxycodone addiction.

Repercussions for Chronic Use of Oxycodone

In as little as two weeks of higher than prescription oxycodone use the risk for permanent physical and psychological side effects can be present. An overdose of the medication can cause permanent damage to the liver and parts of the brain. Those using oxycodone in combination with another central nervous system depressant like alcohol increase their risk of overdose by more than fifty percent.

Resources for Oxycodone Rehabilitation

Many successful treatment options exist for complete rehabilitation from an addiction to oxycodone. Depending on the nature and severity of the addiction, treatment is carried out in either a residential or outpatient scenario. Outpatient treatment for oxycodone addiction allows you to maintain responsibilities at home or at work while seeking professional treatment for your addiction. In residential treatment, you will receive support during withdrawal and will be provided with the consistent and professional care of qualified medical professionals around the clock. Residential treatment can be especially helpful for those who have tried to get clean from oxycodone in the past or for individual who do not have a consistent network of support at home.

End the Dangers of Oxycodone Abuse

If you suspect that you have become addicted to oxycodone, we would love to talk with you about treatment options and answer any questions you may have. We are available 24 hours a day to help you find the resources you need. We can even talk with your insurance company about the possibility of covering treatment in part or in whole. Recovery begins with initiative and can begin right now. Please call us today.