How Do I Tell My Friends That I Don’t Want to Use Oxycodone Anymore?

How Do I Tell My Friends That I Don't Want to Use Oxycodone Anymore?Battling an oxycodone addiction is difficult: the withdrawals, temptations, side effects and personal problems that come with it are challenging and detrimental to your health. A major part of addiction recovery includes finding the strength to admit that you need help overcoming your struggles. While your addiction may embarrass you, your friends might see it differently and want you to help you. Learning how to do this can involve a great deal of character and patience.

How to Discuss Addiction with Your Friends

If you are ready to discuss your addiction with your friends, consider the following tips:

  • Lead with honesty. Talk openly with your friends about what is going on; describe how your life has suffered as a result of your addiction and talk about what is driving you to get sober.
  • Ask for support. Once you decide that you are going to get help for your oxycodone addiction, ask your friends to support you. They can do this by being a shoulder to lean on and listening to your problems. Having people that you can communicate openly with benefits your addiction recovery by giving you an outlet for these troubling emotions.
  • Explain your concerns. Talk to your friends about what bothers you most about using oxycodone. This can include your health, financial status and even the thought of losing their friendship. Chances are that your friends have similar concerns and will use this discussion as a means of bonding with you in your recovery.
  • Stand firm in your decision to quit using oxycodone and get the help you need to do so. Chances are that some of your friends may discourage or underestimate what you are going through, but remember to stick to your guns to do what is best for you.

Talking about your weaknesses is never going to be easy. No one ever wants to be known as an oxycodone addict, but you do not have to be. At any given time, you can change your life and turn it around for the better. Looping in close friends by talking to them honestly and effectively will allow for them to support you through your recovery. As you continue on in your path to sobriety, get the help you need to persevere.

Oxycodone Addiction Help

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