How Family History Affects Your Predisposition to Oxycodone Addiction

How Family History Affects Your Predisposition to Oxycodone Addiction

Having a family history does not mean you are destined to become an addict

Family history can be a contributing factor to developing an addiction to oxycodone, but having a family history does not mean you are destined to become an addict. No one chooses to become addicted, but you can make the choice to avoid substance abuse and eliminate the possibility of addiction altogether. Some people do not take family history into account as it pertains to addiction, but this is overlooking an important factor that can affect a user. Family history does not always result in addiction, but if you have a family history of addiction, it puts you at higher risk for oxycodone addiction than other users.

How Can I Avoid Addiction?

Whether one of your parents suffers from addiction or if addiction touches many loved ones in your family, you still have the ability to take another path. The most important thing to remember about addiction is that if you stay clean, you cannot become addicted. If you choose to abuse oxycodone or other drugs, you are putting yourself at risk for addiction, as well as all the other dangers of substance abuse. You may not become addicted immediately, but if you continue abusing drugs or alcohol, it is likely only a matter of time before you become addicted. If you have a family history, your chances of becoming addicted are heightened. The only way to fully avoid addiction is to abstain from substance abuse completely.

Can I Quit?

Those with a family history of addiction may have seen loved ones enter treatment and leave only to relapse and become addicted again. While relapse is a constant threat, thousands of other users have sought addiction treatment and continued with a full and healthy recovery after treatment. You are not healed from your addiction after attending addiction treatment, but you are much better prepared to face the real world and avoid relapse with what you have learned during addiction treatment. If you are addicted to oxycodone, attending professional addiction treatment is the best option for recovery.

Finding an Oxycodone Addiction Treatment Center

If you are addicted to oxycodone and ready to make a change in your life, call our toll-free helpline today. Our trained admissions coordinators are standing by 24 hours a day to give you the information you need to make a smart decision about oxycodone addiction treatment. Our experts can answer any questions you have about oxycodone addiction and can tell you more about the most effective forms of treatment available. Call now and find out if your health insurance will help pay for oxycodone rehab so that you can get started as soon as possible.