How Helping Others Can Boost Your Recovery From Oxycodone

How Helping Others Can Boost Your Recovery From Oxycodone

You can help recovering addicts by mentoring teenagers who struggle with peer pressure

Many recovering oxycodone addicts help other people get clean. Because they can draw from their experiences with drugs when they offer support, they become ideal mentors for recovering addicts. Although recovered addicts usually help drug users due to genuine care, some people do it to aid their own recoveries.

Helping Recovering Addicts Promotes a Healthy Perspective

After recovering from oxycodone addiction, many people gradually forget the pain that addiction created. As the pain of addiction becomes a distant memory, drug cravings may become more difficult to resist; in fact, people in this position may wonder why they quit abusing drugs in the first place. However, working with people who are in thick of addiction actively reminds you of the devastation of substance abuse. People who regularly share their addiction stories and who frequently hear other addiction stories are less likely to become apathetic about substance abuse. Staying aware of the reality of addiction fosters an intense devotion to sobriety.

Helping Others Can Prevent Depression

Depression increases the likelihood of addiction relapse, but people who frequently help others are less likely to suffer from depression than people who keep to themselves. Helping others affords new perspectives while diverting focus onto other people. By focusing on themselves less and helping others more, recovering addicts gain a sense of purpose, which contributes to a healthy self-esteem. Therefore, people who help others are actually helping themselves, too. Traits such as confidence and a healthy self-esteem can contribute to long-term sobriety from oxycodone use.

How Recovered Addicts Can Help Others

Recovered oxycodone users can help others through recovery in many ways. Some people prefer to serve by volunteering at an organization, while others prefer to be available to people who are in need. You can help a recovering addict in the following ways:

  • Serving in a local 12-Step programVisiting addicts at hospitals or in prisons
  • Giving inspirational speeches at schools and churches
  • Participating in online forums and discussions about addiction
  • Offering phone numbers to addicts who need support
  • Mentoring teenagers who struggle with peer pressure

Although addiction is a terrible struggle, you can use your negative experiences to relate with people who need support. You can relieve someone’s regret and help her find meaning.

Find Oxycodone Addiction Treatment

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