How Oxycodone Addiction Affects Decision-Making Abilities

How Oxycodone Addiction Affects Decision-Making AbilitiesOxycodone is a pain reliever that directly affects the brain. It blocks certain pain receptors in the brain so that you will not feel the pain that is actually occurring in your body. This is good for people who need pain relief, but using it can be extremely dangerous in the fact that it may become habitual. Because oxycodone affects the brain directly, you should always use caution when taking it to make sure that your behaviors are not also affected. Oxycodone can cause you to behave in ways that you would normally never even consider. These kinds of behavioral changes can be life-threatening for you and those around you.

If you think you can function well even on oxycodone, think again. This painkiller can hinder your motor functions while it also creates a stupor, rendering you incapable of fluid motion or the mental faculties to resist taking dangerous risks. Seek help today if you abuse oxycodone and do not wait until you cause irreversible pain.

Bad Decisions and Oxycodone

Taking oxycodone habitually and abusing it can put you at a great risk of partaking in dangerous behaviors that, under ordinary circumstances, you would never consider. Being under the influence of oxycodone can cause you to behave irrationally. You can become aggressive towards your friends and/or family around you or even complete strangers. This aggressiveness could cause unnecessary violence which can hurt many. You could also choose to operate heavy machinery like a car while abusing oxycodone. This decision could not only be fatal to you but also to those around you, including people in other cars that you never even stopped to consider. These kinds of erratic behaviors can be prevented by using oxycodone cautiously. In order to protect yourself from oxycodone addiction as well as bad decisions, never abuse this substance. Seek help immediately if you use the drug.

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If you or someone you love struggle with oxycodone addiction, call our toll-free helpline to get answers to your questions and problems. We are open 24 hours a day, with abuse and addiction counselors ready and waiting for your call. Our counselors can answer your questions about oxycodone addiction and its effects, as well as help you to find the professional treatment that you need. They can even help you find out if your health insurance will help you pay for treatment. Don’t let your oxycodone addiction rule your life for even one more minute. Pick up the phone and find the help that you need now.