How Oxycodone Addiction Can Ruin Your Finances

How Oxycodone Addiction Can Ruin Your FinancesOxycodone is an opioid pain medication found in several name-brand drugs such as OxyContin, Tylox, Percocet, and Percodan. Oxycodone itself is highly addictive, but the extended brands containing oxycodone are even more dangerous.

Oxycodone and any drug containing Oxycodone is a major drug of abuse in the U.S. Pills are crushed, snorted, smoked, swallowed, or even diluted and injected to provide the euphoric high that is compared to using heroin.

Oxycodone and opioid addictions develop fast. People prescribed these drugs for legitimate medical conditions are susceptible to the addictive potential just as those who abuse the drug solely for recreational purpose. Over time, both the brain and body can become dependent on the effects of oxycodone, and withdrawal symptoms, drug cravings and preoccupation with using will lead to compulsive behavior.

What Are the Costs of Oxycodone Addiction?

Ruined finances is just one of the likely effects of oxycodone addiction. In order to maintain an addiction, individuals are forced to spend more and more on the drug just to overcome tolerance levels and fight off withdrawal. Anyone who has ever used oxycodone or an extended version before knows that the drug is not cheap. With insurance, a prescription for generic oxycodone will cost around $30.00. Without insurance, the drug averages about $70 for around 120 5mg tablets.

Most research shows that oxycodone addicts are using anywhere between 40-800mgs per day (depending on the severity of their addiction), meaning a serious addict could use an entire prescription of 5mg tablets in one day. As drug monitoring laws have tightened in many states, individuals are unable to doctor shop and fill their prescriptions fast enough to maintain their addiction. This turns addicts to the black market, where the price for prescription drugs skyrocket since dealers know the addict is desperate and will likely pay top dollar for more of the drug.

It is estimated that an 80mg tablet costs anywhere from $60-$100 on the street. The DEA estimates that the average oxycodone addict spends about $138 each day on drug costs. Spending this amount of money, even twice a week will add up fast, especially when tolerance sets in. Obviously, spending anywhere from $150 a day to $4,000 a month on drugs will cause some serious financial strain. Family and friends will wonder where all this money is disappearing to and the addict will have nothing to show for it. The power of addiction is so strong that it can cause individuals to deplete their savings, steal, sell valuables, gamble, and more. People can lose their homes, cars, family, job and health insurance because of financial ruin due to drug addiction.

Before You Can Repair Your Finances You Must First Find Recovery

If you want to regain control over your finances, relationships, career and life, you must first overcome your addiction. If you are ready to find help for your addiction you can call our toll-free, 24 hour number and speak with a trained addiction counselor who can help. Addiction counselors are ready to assist you with all of your addiction treatment and recovery needs. Whether you still have questions and concerns or are ready to find the right treatment options today, we are happy to help.