How to Heal from Oxycodone Addiction

How to heal from Oxycodone addictionAs is the case with most chronic physical conditions, oxycodone addiction affects multiple areas of a user’s life, and healing is a multi-pronged process. Healing generally isn’t quick or easy, but those who are serious about reclaiming their lives can make steady progress and emerge healthy and whole. When recovering from oxycodone addiction it is wise to be intentional about addressing every aspect of life affected by the drug.

Oxycodone Addiction Effects

Physical effects of drug addiction are often the easiest to see. Oxycodone can cause side effects, overdose effects, and withdrawal symptoms, and all can have serious consequences for the body and mind. A medically managed detox is the first step in clearing the body of the drug and letting a user’s system begin to heal. Detox will not immediately return the body to normal, however. As oxycodone addiction develops, a user’s brain changes and adapts to the presence of the drug. These changes are the genesis for withdrawal symptoms and physically-based drug cravings. Although the brain can heal, the process takes time, and support is often needed during the recovery period. One form that support may take is medication maintenance therapy, in which a drug like methadone is used, which binds to the brain receptor sites hungry for oxycodone and thus reduces cravings.

Emotional healing is another important part of recovery from oxycodone addiction. Often a person who is addicted to oxycodone had unresolved emotional issues before the drug use began, which led to the use of the medication as a means of escape. Sometimes, though, the drug use began for other reasons, such as physical pain control, but the addiction itself caused emotional issues which need to be addressed. Counseling is an important part of oxycodone addiction treatment. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is often utilized to identify and analyze underlying feelings and behaviors.

Another area of life generally affected by drug addiction is the social and relational sphere. Drug addiction can cause serious damage to relationships due to trust issues and the fact that relationships are often ignored as drug use increases in importance. Couples or family counseling is an important part of addiction treatment for many clients. Peer support is also helpful as new social groups and friendships are formed with people who understand the issues and share common goals. Some addiction treatment programs also help clients deal with legal and vocational needs which may be associated with oxycodone addiction.

Are You Ready to Make a Change?

Any journey begins with a first step, and the first step in healing from oxycodone addiction is reaching out for help. If you’re ready for change, we’re ready to help you achieve it. Our toll-free helpline is staffed 24 hours a day. Call today and let us answer questions, check your insurance coverage or just provide encouragement and support. You can reclaim your life.