I Got Addicted to Oxycodone from a Doctor’s Prescription

I Got Addicted to Oxycodone from a Doctor's Prescription

Uses of Oxycodone

Oxycodone is used across the country and around the world by millions of people for the legitimate control of moderate to acute pain. These patients obtain oxycodone through prescriptions written by their doctors, who control the dose and monitor the effects. A prescription comes with detailed instructions and warnings meant to prevent abuse and overdose, but sometimes addiction develops anyway.

Why Oxycodone Is So Addictive

Oxycodone is a very powerful drug: its effects last for an entire day. Therefore, patients who need pain control do not have to take medication more than once per day. Because the drug can dramatically reduce pain and significantly raise the quality of life for patients, is it a popular drug. Its popularity and availability factor into the abuse.

How Oxycodone Addiction Develops

The following may happen when legitimate oxycodone abuse turns into abuse and addiction:

  • Some people misuse oxycodone because they simply need continued care to relieve severe pain. Rather than work with a medical physician to find ways to control pain, the patient comes to depend solely on the drug. Unfortunately, since the body develops a tolerance for the drug, increased doses are necessary, leading to dangerous abuse.
  • People who use oxycodone with a prescription will sometimes find, either by accident or intentionally, that higher or more concentrated doses lead to a euphoric feeling, akin to the high of other powerful drugs such as heroin. A person with a prescription might learn that taking more than one pill, or that snorting the powder from a crushed pill, leads to an intense high. This was never the intended use of the drug; in fact, the drug is designed to release the active ingredients slowly over the course of a day.
  • Since pain issues are often subjective reports by patients to doctors, a person who is addicted to the drug for reasons other than pain relief can sometimes convince a doctor to write a prescription.
  • Sometimes people who are addicted to oxycodone for pain control are reluctant to face the problem or to tell anyone about their addictions. Their dependence is seen as a character weakness. Such people should realize that the drug has helped them through a pain issue, and the drug dependence is nothing to be ashamed of. Such people can feel confident that addressing this dependence as soon as possible is the rational and healthy choice.

Prescription Oxycodone Addiction Help

If you are afraid that your prescription to oxycodone has developed into a dependence, you can get help today by calling our toll-free, 24 hour helpline. We can help you quit.