If I’m Addicted to Oxycodone, Do I Have to Go to Rehab?

If Addicted to Oxycodone, Do I Have to Go to Rehab?Oxycodone is a powerful narcotic that carries a high risk of dependency and addiction. Once established, oxycodone addiction creates physical and psychological dynamics that are difficult to conquer without professional help. Co-occurring or underlying psychological issues will undermine recovery, if not treated alongside the addiction in a fully integrated and holistic way. In most situations the best environment for this kind of focused and intensive treatment is a high quality and forward-thinking rehabilitation program.

Oxycodone Addiction Treatment Options

There are many options available for treating oxycodone addiction, but not all of them bring about the same results. The physical aspects of the disease cause serious and even life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, when the user stops taking the drug. Some of these symptoms include the following:

  • Fever, chills and cold sweats
  • Nausea, vomiting and other flu-like symptoms
  • Tremors
  • Severe pain throughout muscles, bones and joints
  • Seizures, coma and death

The best rehab programs offer medically supervised detox services to relieve the harshest withdrawal symptoms while also monitoring for any complications or life-threatening situations during the process. Oxycodone withdrawal symptoms can last anywhere from several days to multiple weeks, and many who have endured the misery of withdrawal on their own succumb to the even more powerful symptoms of psychological addiction to oxycodone.

Inpatient rehabilitation services provide around-the-clock attention to all of your physical and emotional needs. Physicians develop individual oxycodone addiction treatment plans based on the specific requirements of each patient, and these plans are designed to reprogram the mind to its pre-addiction functioning. This most often involves a combination of counseling, education, activities and healthy diversions that empower you to conquer your need for the drug and to repair the damage the disease has caused.

Benefits of Residential Oxycodone Addiction Therapy

Oxycodone addiction treatment may be available in an outpatient format which is often appealing to people with concerns about their job, family or education. While this type of treatment may be more convenient, there are many benefits to inpatient residential treatment including the following:

  • Total removal from the stressors and triggers that cause oxycodone use
  • 24-hour accountability
  • Full-time focus on building health and recovery without the distractions of work, school and outside relationships
  • Opportunities to identify and treat any co-occurring emotional health issues
  • No access to oxycodone pills when cravings happen

Oxycodone addiction often sneaks up on a person. Because so many people impacted by this disease developed it after filling a legitimate prescription, it can be difficult for them to comprehend the situation they are in. Addiction seems like something that happens to reckless people in search of an irresponsible thrill. The fact is that oxycodone addiction affects people of all types. Doctors, ministers, mothers, lawyers, teachers, law-enforcement officials and otherwise healthy individuals have all been caught by this disease. There is no shame in asking for help.

Learning More about Oxycodone Addiction Recovery

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