Making a Mistake While High on Oxycodone

Making a Mistake While High on OxycodoneOxycodone is most commonly prescribed as a painkiller, and abuse and addiction can occur regardless of whether or not use starts with a prescription. An addiction may start out as a way to cope with pain, boredom, stress or peer pressure and end up being something out of your control. You aren’t yourself when under the influence of oxycodone.

The Effects of an Oxycodone High

The side effects and withdrawal symptoms of oxycodone use can be magnified when oxycodone is abused or used in combination with other drugs or alcohol. Confusion and being slow to react to the world around you can cause serious accidents such as a car crash, a house fire or an injury as a result of carelessness. The distracting side effects of oxycodone use along with a progressively worsening dependence on the drug can lead a person to focus more attention on this destructive habit rather than other responsibilities. Your job, school, friends and family members will notice the change in focus. You cannot hide an addiction. Mood swings are often related to oxycodone abuse or addiction, and they may cause you to lash out at someone verbally or physically. You don’t have to live with the feeling that the consequences of an oxycodone addiction have fallen squarely on your shoulders. You can seek treatment and begin to heal.

Dealing with Mistakes Made While High on Oxycodone

The first step to repairing damage done while high on oxycodone is to get help from experienced professionals accustomed to dealing with addiction and its aftermath. You need to treat the physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual effects of an oxycodone addiction. You may have suffered job loss or severe financial distress from feeding an addiction. In rehab there are workshops that can give you money management tips and help you find employment or continue your education. Medical professionals can treat any long-term effects you’ve developed or any injury or illness you may have acquired while under the influence of oxycodone. You can find healthy ways to deal with the reasons behind your oxycodone use. Therapy and counseling will help you see the source of your drug abuse problem. If you are suffering from depression or another mental health issue, a rehab program specializing in Dual Diagnosis is the best choice. People who have both a mental health issue and an addiction need treatment that will address both problems simultaneously.

Put a Stop to Oxycodone Addiction

You can begin your road to oxycodone abuse or addiction recovery from addiction by calling our toll-free helpline. Feel free to ask any questions that come to mind about substance abuse and rehab options. Call now.