Making Oxycodone Addiction Recovery Simple

Making Oxycodone Addiction Recovery SimpleAn important first step toward recovering from an oxycodone addiction is to accept the fact that you need treatment. Once you have accepted that you need help, you will be more likely to benefit from professional treatment. Recovering from an oxycodone addiction is not easy but it does not have to be complicated. If you find a professional treatment program and put effort into your own recovery process, you can break free from oxycodone and become sober.

How to Find the Right Oxycodone Addiction Treatment

There are a number of components to finding the right oxycodone addiction treatment plan for your situation, including the following:

  • Find a professional treatment center – When seeking a treatment center, you can look for facilities that have outside certification credentials from organizations such as CARF or the Joint Commission. You can ask about the facility’s patient success rates and contact the facility’s references. It can also be helpful to learn about the experience level and certification of the center’s staff. A treatment center should be up to date with leading research on addiction treatment and should offer individualized treatment that will treat you as a whole person.
  • Find a treatment program that suits your needs – A treatment center may not be right for you if the philosophy or style of the treatment program does not suit you. It can be beneficial to talk to an addiction counselor about your options, such as gender-specific treatment, treatment for LGBT patients, religious or spiritual treatment and treatment that focuses specifically on oxycodone and similar drugs.

How to Find Recovery in Oxycodone Addiction Treatment

When in treatment for oxycodone addiction, there are a number of activities that can help you find recovery, including the following:

  • Reflect – To get the most out of oxycodone addiction treatment and have the best chance at long-term recovery, you should be honest with yourself and others. Self-reflection before and during treatment can be helpful, as well as openly participating in group therapy.
  • Be honest with your counselor – If you are honest with your counselor about your past experiences and current emotions, you can have a better chance of uncovering the root causes of your addiction. The counselors and doctors at a treatment center can help you learn new healthy behaviors and treat any underlying mental health issues.
  • Be patient – It is vital to remain in the treatment program until you feel completely comfortable facing the outside world and the temptation to relapse.

What to Do after Oxycodone Addiction Treatment

After exiting a treatment program, there are a number of actions you can take to help your recovery last, including the following:

  • Make amends – If you treated anyone unfairly while you were addicted, be sure to apologize. Even if you cannot change your past behavior, you can come to terms with your actions and heal some of the damage. Family counseling can also help repair relationships with loved ones.
  • Participate in relapse prevention activities – Rehab facilities often offer relapse prevention programs, and your community may have organizations in place to support recovering addicts. It can also help to find new fulfilling activities, such as playing sports, writing or joining a hobby group.

Find Treatment for Oxycodone Addiction

When you are addicted to oxycodone, recovery may seem impossible. We are here to help guide you through the treatment process. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day on our toll-free helpline to answer your questions and help you find the right treatment plan for your needs. Please call now.