Mental Health Effects of Oxycodone

Mental Health Effects of Oxycodone

Using oxycodone it is a threat to your mental health

Abusing a drug such as oxycodone will affect every area of your life, especially your mental health. Abusing oxycodone can intensify mental health problems that are already present or even cause mental health problems to surface that the user did not experience before he began using oxycodone. Abusing oxycodone is not a safe way to cope with stress or a mental health disorder. If you abuse oxycodone and experience symptoms stemming from a mental health problem you should reach out for help today. Treatment professional can help you end your oxycodone abuse and begin managing your mental health issues in a healthier way.

Oxycodone and Mental Disorders

Many oxycodone users turn to oxycodone as a way to self-medicate an existing mental health problem, but regardless of why you started using oxycodone it is still a threat to your mental health. When you have an oxycodone habit, the drug begins to change your brain’s chemistry, leading to changes in cognition, behavior and the development of withdrawal symptoms. Even slight changes to brain chemistry can cause negative mental health effects, and as long as you continue abusing oxycodone you will have an altered brain chemistry.

Coping with Mental Health Problems

While some people begin using oxycodone to cope with a mental health problem, it is not an effective way to manage a mental health disorder. In fact, abusing oxycodone makes it more difficult to treat a mental health disorder. Furthermore, co-occurring addictions and mental ailments must be treated simultaneously because the roots of both tend to be intertwined; treating just the addiction or just the mental disorder is not likely to be successful. If you want to manage a mental health problem and improve your condition you must quit using oxycodone. If you are addicted and need help quitting oxycodone you should seek professional addiction treatment.

Starting Treatment for Oxycodone Addiction

If you are addicted to oxycodone and need help, call our toll-free helpline today to learn more about your oxycodone addiction treatment options. Our trained addiction experts are here for you 24 hours a day to answer any questions you have about the addiction treatment process, and they can also tell you more about how your mental health disorder is connected with oxycodone addiction. Pick up the phone now and when you call be sure to ask if your health insurance will help pay for oxycodone addiction treatment, we can look into that for you.