My Oxycodone Addiction Only Affects Me, Not Anyone Else

My Oxycodone Addiction Only Affects Me, Not Anyone ElseAn oxycodone addict may feel his or her addiction is under control and that no one else is affected by the drug abuse. However addiction is not controllable, and the consequences of abusing oxycodone will spill over into every area of your life.

How Oxycodone Addiction Consumes Recourses

Oxycodone abuse and addiction consumes your time. The process of obtaining oxycodone through visits to doctors or pharmacies or by buying oxycodone on the street will demand time. You will waste time under the haze of an oxycodone high and use up even more time waiting for its effects to wear off. If you have used oxycodone at work or school, you may find your work done while intoxicated is unacceptable or barely getting you by. Your energy, efforts and time are wasted with an oxycodone addiction. This wastefulness leads to personal financial problems, and purchasing oxycodone regularly will deplete your savings rapidly. If your poor performance at work keeps up, unemployment could worsen your financial situation. This can impact your ability to support your family or may result in you stealing or borrowing money from family members that quickly grow tired of financial requests.

How Oxycodone Addiction Affects You and Others

As oxycodone use leads to cravings and physical addiction, use also becomes a psychological need. You begin devoting more of your time, money, energy and attention on oxycodone. These resources are taken from other areas of your life. Your loved ones are neglected, responsibilities are ignored and priorities shift. Family and friends deserve to have you fully with them in their lives, but oxycodone builds barriers between you and your loved ones.

The consequences of an addiction include job loss, flunking out of school and financial trouble, and these can lead to depression and isolation. As you push yourself further away from your loved ones in an attempt to isolate the effects of addiction, your absence is felt. Your close family and friends notice you are not as present in their lives as before, they know how the addiction is hurting you and it hurts them to see you unable to break the habit. They may feel guilty for the role they have played in your life, or they may feel depressed that they cannot help you.

You are not able to control something that is out of your control, and you cannot control an oxycodone addiction. You need help to get back to who you were before addiction. Rehab can get you clean and can repair broken relationships. Addiction severs ties between loved ones and disrupts families, so begin recovering from oxycodone addiction by seeking help.

How to Get Help for Oxycodone Addiction

If you or someone you love is trapped by oxycodone addiction, now is the time to call our toll-free number for help. We can answer any questions you may have about addiction and treatment options, so feel free to call 24 hours a day. Even financial questions like how insurance could help pay for rehab are open for discussion. Call now to find out more.