Natural Recovery Models for Oxycodone Treatment

Natural Recovery Models for Oxycodone TreatmentWhen a person displays an addiction to oxycodone (sold as Roxicodone, OxyContin, or Oxecta), the initial response of his loved ones is heartbreak, and sometimes anger or panic. Though these responses are entirely natural, what will help most is a deliberate exploration of available therapies so that when the addict is ready to accept help there will be a range of well-researched options available. If traditional recovery methods repel him, there are alternative, holistic techniques that have proved effective when used together with time-tested therapy.

Holistic Therapy Methods

There are nearly as many holistic addiction healing methods as there are programs that advocate them, but the following list encompasses some of the most effective treatment strategies:

  • Physical therapy (yoga, massage, acupressure/acupuncture/dry needling, personal exercise training, hyperbaric chamber use)
  • Nutritional therapy (nutrient-rich foods, physical detox, meal planning practice)
  • Team-building therapy (wilderness survival excursions, ropes courses, group counseling sessions)
  • Relaxation therapy (art, socializing, practicing silence for prescribed lengths of time)
  • Caregiving therapy (gardening or caring for an animal)
  • Mental therapy (individual and family counseling, identifying negative thought patterns, practicing thoughts of gratitude and acceptance, journaling, setting personal goals)

Traditional therapy centers, such as government-subsidized hospital or outpatient programs, utilize some of these methods. However, many lack the personal touch of a holistic residential therapy center where one’s personal team of counselors is well acquainted with their patient. This trust-based relationship helps the counselors determine which methods work best for each individual patient. Additionally, the seclusion and privacy of inpatient therapy cuts the chances of a patient obtaining or encountering drugs. Dual Diagnosis is also easiest to determine in residential facilities, where the personalized treatment is better able to unearth any other issues that may be perpetuating the oxycodone addiction.

Exercising Caution when Investigating Holistic Therapy

Caution is advised in screening holistic healing programs, as some are more experimental than standard treatment (and can be potentially dangerous). Programs that advocate the use of psychedelic medication or similar drugs to obliterate oxycodone cravings, for example, are not recommended. Such unproven methods will only create more mental problems for an already-struggling patient. Traditional recovery drugs that mimic oxycodone’s effects so as to wean a patient gradually from drug abuse are much safer by comparison. While it is true that nothing worth having is won without risk, programs that propose to help the patient reach new levels of inner power through barely-tested drugs or obscure rituals are to be avoided as a rule.

Patients should also consider the center’s emphasis on resort-style living. Comfort and relaxation are essential components of holistic programs (unless the method employed is survival training or a team-building challenge), but luxury is not essential; never agree to pay more for lush surroundings if the treatment is not also proportionately better than that offered by other programs.

Finding Holistic Therapy for Your Situation

If holistic therapy sounds ideal for your own or your loved one’s treatment needs, please call our toll-free helpline for more information. We are available 24 hours a day with up-to-date recommendations and caring, confidential counselors who want to help you find recovery. Call us today to learn how we can help you break free of addiction.