Oxycodone Abuse Rates in Australia

Oxycodone Abuse Rates in AustraliaThe United States of America is not the only country struggling with oxycodone abuse in their streets, homes, offices, and communities. In recent years, the rates of oxycodone abuse in Australia have skyrocketed, highlighting a major growing problem for the country down under.

A group of researchers conducted a study from 2000-2009 where they monitored drug abuse (oxycodone specifically) rates in the Victorian Corner, a popular selling and using hangout for those connected to oxycodone drug rings in Australia. Their results showed that in 2009, a 21-fold increase in oxycodone related deaths occurred in the area, 53.8% of which were caused by overdoses, 52.3% were unintentional, and 19.8% were the result of self-harm or intent.

Causes of Oxycodone Abuse in Australia

Since this study wrapped, even more Australians have begun abusing this medication, but their causes for doing so seem to differ from the causes of use in other countries. Some of the many reasons oxycodone abuse is rising in Australia include the following:

  • Price – In many other countries, opioid users are turning to the use of heroin, as it is much cheaper and provides effects similar to drugs like oxycodone. In Australia, however, the price of oxycodone is much cheaper, as a bag of 20 pills is reported to go for roughly $5. This price point is what is drawing in new users, and keeping current users abusing this affordable pill.
  • Popularity – Up until recently, oxycodone has not been as popular of a drug as it has been in other parts of the world, therefore its growing popularity is creating a buzz around its use. Now that it is becoming more readily available, oxycodone abuse is reaching phenomenal levels.
  • Effect – Rather that using drugs such as heroin to get high, Australians are turning to oxycodone because their effects are much more long-lasting that other street drugs. For example, a heroin high only lasts a matter of 3-4 hours, while oxycodone last upwards of about 8 hours. This cost effectiveness perpetuates the use of oxycodone.

Rates of oxycodone abuse in Australia have increased as a result of affordability, popularity, and long-lasting effects.

Treatment Options for Oxycodone Addiction

Treatment for oxycodone is generally similar in most areas of the world. In Australia, someone struggling with oxycodone addiction is likely to receive a longer, detailed form of treatment that includes both detoxification and therapeutic services. Medically assisted detox can help provide an oxycodone user with a safe and successful withdrawal from the drug, and the partnership between them and their therapist can encourage them to get to the root of their addiction, as well as develop coping skills that will prevent a relapse.

Do You Need Treatment for an Oxycodone Addiction?

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