Oxycodone Addiction in the Middle East

Oxycodone Addiction in the Middle EastDrug abuse occurs worldwide, even in conservative countries in the Middle East. The Middle East is situated between Europe, Africa and Asia, and it includes Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran and Iraq. These nations have strict laws regarding drug abuse, but many people still become addicted to powerful drugs, especially opiates like oxycodone. Seek professional help to recover from an addiction to this dangerous substance.

How Common Is Oxycodone Addiction in the Middle East?

It is difficult to determine how many people struggle with addiction, especially because many people conceal their drug problems. However, it is even more difficult to do in the Middle East, as certain laws not only encourage people to conceal their addictions, but government agencies may even cover up the true numbers of addicts. In spite of these problems, in 2010 CNN studied the Middle East to find that it has the highest rate of amphetamine and pain medication seizures in the world. The governments in this region are very quiet about addiction, so it is difficult to treat; if people ignore a problem, they cannot treat it.

Addiction as a Crime and Weakness

Addiction in the Middle East is viewed as more of a weakness than a disease. Possessing, using or selling illegal drugs is still a crime and punishable by harsh laws, but reputation seems to be the biggest loss to drug addictions in this region. An article concerning drug addiction in Iraq was published by the Middle Eastern news organization Al-Monitor in 2013. In this article, the author explored the rising rates of addiction in Iraq, and he attributed rising drug abuse to war, high unemployment, terrorism and frequent bombings. He quoted a teacher whose brother was an addict: the teacher was more worried about his family’s reputation than his brother’s health.

Oxycodone and other drugs are becoming more prevalent in Middle Eastern societies, but the worry is that acceptance and treatment is uncommon. People in this region see addiction as a weakness and embarrassment, so addicts may conceal their problems rather than seeking help. However, oxycodone addicts can find help, even if it not from their own governments or families.

Oxycodone Addiction Help in the Middle East

It is difficult to deal with oxycodone addicts, especially when people view it as a crime or an embarrassment. However, the main concern is for the health of the addict to get and stay clean. If you or someone you know struggles with oxycodone addiction in the Middle East, know that help is available. Please call our toll-free helpline to speak with an admissions coordinator about treatment options that can help you. Our lines are open 24 hours a day, so call us right now to begin recovery.