Oxycodone Addiction Rehabilitation

Oxycodone addiction rehabilitationMany people become addicted to oxycodone after receiving a prescription for the drug. Oxycodone is effective at alleviating moderate to severe pain after a surgery or traumatic injury. An addiction to the drug usually begins when oxycodone is used to achieve feelings of euphoria during recreational drug use, or after taking the drug for longer than two weeks to treat pain. Whether the addiction stemmed from recreational use or from a legitimate prescription, there are several effective rehabilitation options that can be useful for restoring quality of life and wellbeing to someone addicted to oxycodone.

Oxycodone works by latching onto the brain’s opiate receptors. This obstructs the transmission of pain messages and, when taken in higher than prescription dosages, produces a euphoric effect. When oxycodone is used in this way for prolonged periods of time or in high dosages, a dependency begins to develop. Dependency simply means the drug is needed to provide feelings of normalcy.

Oxycodone Rehabilitation

If an oxycodone addiction has taken over your life and made itself the center of your thoughts and actions, there are a few different rehabilitation options that can help you rediscover a life free from your addiction. The first step will be finding a treatment facility that will provide you with quality and professional care. Treatment facilities can provide medically supervised detox services that will help you physically rid yourself of all traces of oxycodone. This process will take several days and may be accompanied by uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, but medical supervision can ensure the safety and success of this process. Medical professionals can also help determine what symptoms are related to withdrawal and what symptoms may be related to previous medical conditions for which the drug was prescribed.

After detox, oxycodone addiction rehab will provide therapy and education. These will help recovering users understand how and why addiction begins and how future use can be avoided. Rehab centers can connect recovering users with counselors and support groups that help them maintain a drug-free life after treatment has ended.

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