Oxycodone Detox Time

Oxycodone detox timeOxycodone is a prescription pain-killer derived from opium. While it can be effective at relieving pain, it also has the potential to cause tolerance and addiction, both physical and psychological. Oxycodone affects the chemicals in the brain and causes feelings of relaxation and euphoria that can last for many hours. Any drug that produces a ‘high’ has the potential to become addictive. If someone is taking oxycodone more frequently or in greater doses than was prescribed, or is taking it without a medical reason, there is likely an addiction present. Oxycodone addiction can be a difficult cycle to break because there is typically not only a psychological addiction present, but also a physical dependence on the drug. This dependence can lead to painful withdrawal symptoms if the drug is stopped.

How Long Does it Take to Detox from Oxycodone?

Detox is the process in which the drug is eliminated from the body. This process can last anywhere from four days to two weeks, or sometimes longer if the addiction is particularly severe. Detox happens in stages and the first few days are usually the worst. The first 30 days pose the greatest threat of relapse and the first 90 days after the last use is sometimes considered a detox period because it takes time for the body to adjust. An individual’s detox time is dependent on many factors, including the following:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Amount of oxycodone consumed
  • Duration of the abuse
  • Overall health condition
  • Metabolism rate of the body
  • Tolerance to drugs
  • Method by which the drug was taken

Detox can be a very difficult and painful process and in the case of opioids such as oxycodone, it can be dangerous. Detox should never be attempted without the help of a qualified healthcare provider. Opiate withdrawal symptoms can be very severe and can sometimes include seizures, coma, and other life-threatening symptoms if the drug is stopped suddenly. A doctor can prescribe medications to ease the symptoms and will also likely create a plan of treatment that involves tapering off the oxycodone dosage to lessen the withdrawal. Only an individual’s doctor knows the best plan of treatment for that person, so if an addiction is present a person should seek professional help.

Is Detoxification the Only Treatment Needed for Oxycodone Recovery?

It is important to know that detox should not be the only treatment an addicted person receives. It should merely be a first step in the recovery process. An addicted individual should enroll in a high-quality rehab facility that offers a well-rounded plan of treatment. This might include therapy, counseling, drug education classes, and support group attendance. It might also include a dual diagnosis and treatment of other co-occurring mental disorders such as depression or anxiety if they are at play. Recovery is a long process that requires a good deal of help and support from both professionals and loved ones.

Do You Need Oxycodone Detoxification Help?

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