Oxycodone Integrated Treatment

Oxycodone integrated treatmentPsychological disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorders etc. can be masked and managed by oxycodone addiction. We’ve become a society that uses prescription medication as the cure for root issues stemmed from current and past circumstances that have created pain and discomfort in our lives. Inevitably, we then “need” these drugs to deal with life and get through a day to escape from the pressures of these mental and emotional issues.

Both the issues and the drugs are co-current conditions that must be treated as separate disorders. You cannot simply treat one without looking at and treating the second one. The drug addiction and the mental and/or emotional disorders are also known as a dual diagnosis, which is handled through a program that is integrated with tools equipped to help with both. In the long run, without treatment for either issue, one can aggravate another.

Proper Diagnosis of Substance Use and Mental Health Issues

In order to proceed with the proper treatment for both the oxycodone addiction and the psychological disorder, the use of oxycodone must be stopped. Mind-altering substances will confuse and cloud the clarity needed to accurately identify the psychological disorder that is at hand. Therefore, a detox must take place and be monitored within a licensed dual diagnosis facility, enabling doctors, nurses, and therapists to carefully control physical and psychiatric withdrawal symptoms.

Typically, these mental disorders are difficult to initially diagnosis because of the years of lack of treatment. Not only that but many of the side effects of drug abuse can look very similar to a manic-depressive mood disorder. Tragic or high emotional life events that surround oxycodone abuse can often lead to a psychiatric condition or vice versa. Nonetheless, integrated treatment is necessary to completely uproot the driving forces behind both conditions.

How Oxycodone Detox Works

The oxycodone detox process needs to be closely monitored both physically and mentally in order for medical professionals to make a positive and confirmed diagnosis. Those patients who are determined to detox from oxycodone through an outpatient program or on their own are at a loss for this medical attention that aids in their proper diagnosis. Minor and or/major symptoms can be clear indicators to point these trained individuals towards a right path of treatment for a person.  Sometimes these symptoms can even go undetected leaving everyone at a loss for what’s really behind the drug addiction or the true psychiatric condition occurring. Receiving medication to stabilize mood swings and/ or to control substance abuse cravings will not alter the dynamic between the co-occurring conditions.

During this process, physical and psychological assessments are made daily. Each day will build upon itself, similar to pieces of a puzzle, which will then begin to take shape and give an accurate picture of what is happening. This close observance can also outweigh any sort of rebound effect by being handled immediately. Therefore, the chances of a patient’s physical condition and mental disorder being manageable will increase.

Need Help Finding Oxycodone Integrated Treatment Programs?

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