Oxycodone Outpatient Treatment

Oxycodone outpatient treatmentOxycodone is a tricky drug to treat. An opiate known to be extremely addictive, oxycodone is intended to treat pain and chronic illness. Unfortunately, oxycodone is prone to being abused and may lead to addiction in as little as a few doses.

The biggest problem in overcoming an oxycodone addiction is physical dependence on this drug. Oxycodone works directly on the brain’s pain receptors, literally changing the way your brain communicates with itself. Once your brain becomes accustomed to this medicine, suddenly stopping this drug can cause some serious withdrawal symptoms, including the following:

  • Shakes, tremors and even seizures
  • Heart irregularities
  • Fainting and weakness
  • Fever, chills, goose bumps or sweating
  • Aggressive or unusual behavior
  • Psychosis or other dangerous mental conditions

Oxycodone Rehabilitation Timeline

In most cases, rehab treatment begins with more intense care and then moves to less intense care. This is done to help the oxycodone user stay away from this drug when temptation is greatest, and maintain abstinence from opiate drugs for life.

Typically, rehab treatment works best when includes the following:

  1. Medically supervised detox. Medically supervised detox works to help you get past the withdrawal symptoms caused by oxycodone and recover from the damage oxycodone has caused your body. A nursing or medical staff will help you manage withdrawal symptoms with less pain, leading to a more rapid detox with more lasting positive results.
  2. Inpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment allows your detox staff to monitor your progress and keep you healthy. It also allows you to get away from everyday life and take time to receive counseling, group therapy, emotional support and more. Inpatient treatment is proven to help you overcome opiate painkillers for a longer duration of time than counseling alone.
  3. Outpatient treatment. Outpatient oxycodone treatment is proven to be most effective when it follows inpatient rehab. Outpatient treatment allows you to return home or to transitional living each evening. It usually lasts for several hours each day but can be shorter in duration.
  4. Follow-up counseling. Follow up counseling is a natural step down from outpatient care. It consists of one-on-one meetings during the week. It may also consist of group meetings and support meetings as well.
  5. Meetings and aftercare. Many reputable rehab programs will offer aftercare or alumni groups. Along with support meetings, this is a wonderful way to continue to stay in touch with the rewards of treatment.

Find Oxycodone Rehabilitation Treatment Now

Imagine a life without painkiller cravings; a life without lies or desperation. By uncovering the reasons behind your addiction and treating those symptoms effectively, it is possible for you to live a life free from oxycodone.

With effective medical detox, you can overcome the use of oxycodone with less discomfort. With proven, quality rehab treatment, you can manage pain and save money over the course of your life.

Let us help you rest easy without toxic substances. We offer a 24 hour, toll-free helpline that is staffed by caring, trained counselors to help you learn more about rehab, opiate painkiller addiction and more. Learn more about your options for oxycodone rehab, counseling, family support and more. Call us today.