Oxycodone Rehab: Myth vs. the Facts

Oxycodone rehab - myth vs. the factsOxycodone is a painkiller that doctors prescribe to those recovering from surgery or injury or suffering chronic pain. The drug is also abused for non-medical purposes. All use can lead to tolerance, dependence and addiction, but recreational use will lead to addiction developing much faster.

How to recognize addiction

Addiction to oxycodone is a confusing situation. Because the drug is legal and can be gained with a prescription, there is a fine line between healthy use and abuse. The following are the most common signs of addiction to oxycodone:

  • “Doctor-shopping,” or cycling between physicians to get multiple prescriptions
  • Stealing or forging prescriptions
  • Selling other prescription drugs or exchanging drugs
  • Increasing oxycodone dosage without doctor approval
  • Erratic mood swings
  • Antisocial behavior

If you exhibit some of these symptoms, you may be addicted to oxycodone.

Myths about Oxycodone Treatment

There is much information about rehab circling through the media, pop culture and across the Internet. It can be difficult to discern which information is accurate. The following are some myths and inaccurate stereotypes that distort the true purpose and reality of oxycodone rehab treatment.

Myth: Oxycodone rehab is a brainwash treatment.

Fact: Oxycodone is often a self-directed program. Counselors help you structure your recovery, but the decisions you make are entirely your own.

Myth: Oxycodone rehab centers are like prisons.

Fact: Rehab centers are positive, warm and inviting. Programs are designed to support, rebuild and encourage recovering oxycodone users. Facilities are clean and often have a home or spa-like feel.

Myth: Oxycodone rehab facilities are filled bad people.

Fact: Oxycodone rehab programs consist of people struggling to change. No one is a bad person, and everyone shares a common goal of recovery. Group sessions will let you get to know your fellow patients, and you can connect with these individuals who may become a strong source of support in the future.

Myth: Oxycodone rehab will cure your addiction.

Fact: Addiction is a lifelong disease. While recovery becomes easier over time, former users must always work to maintain sobriety. Rehab provides a strong foundation for recovery and provides the tools and knowledge necessary to stay clean.

Learn the Truth about Oxycodone Rehabilitation

If you are addicted to oxycodone, we can help. Please call our toll-free helpline today to learn more about the myths and facts surrounding rehab. We are here 24 hours a day to help you find the recovery solutions you need, help you determine insurance coverage for treatment or simply listen to your concerns. Life is too short to waste on Lortab. Call us today.