Should You Give Money to an Oxycodone Addict Who’s in Trouble?

Should You Give Money to an Oxycodone Addict Who’s in Trouble?

Giving money to an oxycodone addict only fuels his addiction

When you love someone, you naturally want to help him. While this urge to contribute to another’s wellbeing is admirable, it can be problematic when the loved one is addicted to oxycodone. You must determine whether your actions are actually helping or if they are, in fact, contributing to his addiction. In general, giving money to an oxycodone addict is a bad idea and will only be used to directly purchase drugs or to help support a lifestyle of addiction.

How Your Help May Actually Be Hurting the Addict

The next time an addicted loved one hits you up for money, consider these reasons why giving money to an oxycodone addict will only prolong his addiction in the long term:

  1. The addict is probably lying – You may hear stories about having no food or no money to pay bills like utilities. He may promise that any money would go to taking care of those essential needs. Again, he is probably lying. A person in the throes of addiction does not care about food. He does not care if he eats on a regular basis or even if he has gas to get to work. The only thing an addict truly cares about is taking oxycodone or finding money to take more oxycodone. Even if the money is not used on drugs, it will help him support his lifestyle of addiction without facing the natural consequences of his actions.
  1. If you give money once, you will be a target for future loans – Once an oxycodone addict finds a person who is willing to give him money, he will persist in asking for money on a regular basis, and the amount needed will increase. The excuses will probably vary, from an unexpected car repair to a trip to the dentist. He may even tell you that he owes money to dealers or other people who will hurt him. Again, while you want to help your loved one, giving him money only allows him to keep using without facing the consequences.
  1. Even if you pay bills directly, you are still enabling an oxycodone addict – Paying fines, lawyers fees, loans, or even rent takes away the responsibility from the addict and enables him to avoid the consequences of his actions. As long as he does not experience negative repercussions for his oxycodone addiction, he will keep using. Sometimes, the only impetus for an addict to get help is to hit rock bottom and face severe consequences.

Refusing to help someone in needs seems counterintuitive and uncaring. In the case of an oxycodone addict, refusing to offer financial aid is the most loving action you can take. An addict is adept at manipulation, so it is important for you to understand that his end game is always continued oxycodone use.

Getting Help For Your Oxycodone Addiction

If you or someone you love is struggling with an oxycodone addiction, we can help. You can call our helpline any time, 24 hours a day, at no cost to you. You can talk with one of our admissions coordinators about the nature of the addiction, and together you can determine how to move forward to get the best help you can. The most loving thing you can do for an addict is to tell him to get help. Encourage him to call us today and start on the road to recovery.