Spotting Concealed Use of Oxycodone in Schools

Spotting Concealed Use of Oxycodone in Schools

Oxycodone use can have social implications

Knowing what to look for to identify oxycodone abuse can allow you to make a difference in a person’s life. The problem is that, when the person abusing this drug is a student, it can be more difficult to tell if she is abusing oxycodone. School introduces complicated social dynamics, a fast-changing environment and many other factors that make it difficult to determine if someone is abusing oxycodone. However, while it is more difficult to spot drug abuse in students, there are a number of signs you can look for to determine if people are abusing oxycodone. Seek professional help as soon as you believe someone abuses drugs, because your timing could mean the difference between a user’s life and death.

Oxycodone and Erratic Behavior

Oxycodone is a powerful drug that affects the way users think and behave. In a school setting, a student’s behavior is always observable, so this is one area where you can identify signs of drug abuse. Oxycodone may make students drowsy, so if a student seems to be tired suddenly in class, it could be a sign of intoxication. Oxycodone can also cause a student’s speech to be slurred, or it may cause the student to say things that do not make sense. Unintelligible thoughts or problems with logic are signs that something may be wrong with your student.

Oxycodone Can Create Social Changes in Students

Every user is affected differently by oxycodone, but if a student is abusing oxycodone, then it will probably affect him socially in some way. Oxycodone can make some students seem more laid back and quiet. But, if a student goes from being outgoing to being introverted and quiet, this could be a sign that he is abusing oxycodone or some other drug. Students may also become abnormally irritable when they are coming down from a drug, which can lead to arguments or conflicts that otherwise would not have taken place.

What Can Students Do About Oxycodone Addiction?

No one is ever too young to get help for oxycodone addiction. If you are a student that addicted to oxycodone, or you know someone that abuses this drug, then call our toll-free helpline now. Our admissions coordinators are standing by 24 hours a day to help students who struggle with oxycodone addiction to find treatment that will help them heal. If you continue abusing oxycodone, it will take everything away from you. Addiction does not have to hold you back, so seek help now to get and stay clean.