Support Groups for Oxycodone Addiction

A support group is a gathering of people who are dealing with similar issues. They can cover a multitude of topics from overeating to the loss of a loved one or drug addiction. These groups meet regularly and can meet either in person at a location or online, to discuss and share their experiences. They’re helpful in that individuals can learn practical tips on how to deal with their issue or addiction as well as feeling liberated to share in a safe environment with people of similar circumstances.

When battling addiction, these groups help to assure an individual that they are not alone in their struggle. Addicts come from a conglomeration of backgrounds, demographics and income levels and have learned how to hide their addiction from their loved ones pretty well. With a support group, it’s a safe place to where they can admit that they need help and that they’re even addicted.

Support Groups’ Educational Purposes

Drug addict support groups also help to educate users about the different aspects of addiction. Many times, users don’t realize that their addiction is an illness and that a plethora of issues could be contributing factors to their addiction. Groups may invite guest speakers and experts to address many of these different factors and teach them when ways in how to deal with them. By understanding and gaining knowledge about their condition, recovering addicts can then know how to deal with addiction effectively and successfully.

Addiction Treatment Plans

Treatment plans incorporate follow-up care involving group therapy in their facilities. These group therapy times generally begin while in treatment once time in detox has been spent. As treatment ends, support groups are a tool for accountability and recovery for individuals to maintain the sobriety achieved. Support is a vital part of the recovery process and without it, the chances of relapsing increase substantially. Participating in the group helps a person to maintain the lifestyle and the changes made to stay free from their addiction.

Support Groups for Loved Ones

For loved ones who have been affected by the actions of an addict, the ramifications on their lives can be just as heavy. They feel the weight of their wrong decisions and the outbursts of emotions that addicts tend to express during their addiction. A loved one may feel angry, hurt, upset, frustrated, betrayed or alone. It’s important to know that it’s natural and okay for a loved one to feel this way but they also may blame themselves for their loved one’s addiction.

They may wonder what they said or did to contribute to the addiction. Their own guilt could be an emotion they struggle with. It’s a completely helpless feeling as they attempt to help and support the addict while trying to manage their own feelings. Nar-Anon is a support group for loved ones of addicts, to be able to share their feelings and thoughts with others who are experiencing the same thing. It’s a place where they can open up about what is going on and their feelings towards and feel safe doing so. By doing so, a loved one can learn and adapt strategies and tools to help them deal with the addict in their life.

Need Help Finding a Support Group for Oxycodone Addiction?

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