The Relationship between Homelessness and Oxycodone Addiction

The Relationship between Homelessness and Oxycodone AddictionMany people across the country are living on the streets, homeless, with little to nothing to their names. Many problems can cause homelessness, including divorce, job loss, mental illness, domestic violence, and substance abuse, such as oxycodone addiction. However, homelessness can also cause oxycodone abuse, so seek professional help to deal not only with your problem, but also its root.

The Link between Oxycodone Addiction and Homelessness

Oxycodone abuse can cause people to become homeless, especially because this drug can damage all areas of a user’s life, including professionally and personally. The following factors of oxycodone addiction contribute to homelessness:

  • Financial strain – When an oxycodone addiction develops, users become so dependent on the drug that they have no choice but to put the majority (if not all) of their finances to funding their habit. This means that this type of spending can not only cause someone to become homeless, but it can also prevent her from finding her way out of homelessness.
  • Unemployment – Many Americans face unemployment today, and these people may find it easy to sink into depression or feel anxious about moving forward. This depression can spark an interest in oxycodone use, which can quickly lead to a full-blown addiction that lands a user on the streets. Being unable to get a job as a result of oxycodone abuse can add fuel to the fire and cause an individual to remain stagnant in homelessness.
  • Personal consequences – Many oxycodone addicts have families who also struggle with drug abuse. As a result, their loved ones might have made boundaries regarding drugs, including removal of any provided shelter. This can cause a user to grow incredibly resentful, which may perpetuate drug use and living on the streets.

Oxycodone addiction can lead to serious financial strain, unemployment and personal consequences, but recovery is possible with the right help.

Recovering from Homelessness and Oxycodone Addiction

Both homelessness and addiction can be crippling, but people can overcome both of these issues. It is important that homeless people reach out for support from their local shelters to get back on their feet. Furthermore, they must work to find employment so they can put money back into their pockets. In addition, utilizing public addiction services to detox can be a great step towards sobriety. However, before any of this can happen, homeless individuals must want to get better, both financially and physically, in order to overcome the many obstacles that await them.

Help for Homeless Oxycodone Addicts

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