Treatment for Underlying Causes of Oxycodone Addiction

Treatment for underlying causes of Oxycodone addictionOxycodone is a generic prescription drug used to treat moderate to severe pain. It is a drug that is created from opioids, which are drugs that work on the central nervous system. They can decrease the perception of pain and increase tolerance levels of pain. Oxycodone can cause dependence, tolerance, and addiction with the patient. This addiction can happen within a short period of time and affects both the physical and psychological cravings within the patient.

Mental Issues That Lead to Oxycodone Addiction

There are many reasons why people become addicted to prescription painkillers. Oxycodone addiction can be purely accidental. You may be taking oxycodone as prescribed and over time you have found that your body won’t let you stop. Others become addicted, because they find that oxycodone provides an escape from reality or from struggles with a diagnosed or even undiagnosed mental illness.

Depression is a mental health issue that often leads to oxycodone addiction. Individuals struggling with depression are often searching for peace or happiness. They can’t escape from feelings of sadness or disinterest. Oxycodone controls the way your brain responds to pain and alters the reward system. Because of this, oxycodone can temporarily give someone with depression feelings of happiness and contentment. These feelings are only temporary, and continued oxycodone use can increase mood swings, confusion and depression.

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) occurs when someone has an obsession or compulsion that is out of their control. OCD causes severe stress and anxiety for sufferers, and oxycodone can become an escape from these feelings. It can provide euphoria and sedation, but over time the brain will begin to crave these effects. Once dependency develops, it is difficult to stop using, because withdrawal includes side effects like anxiety which is what users have been trying to escape from in the first place. This will naturally lead back to oxycodone and continued addiction.

Integrated Treatment for Oxycodone Addiction

Dual Diagnosis treatment simultaneously treats both the physical addiction and underlying causes of the addiction. Each program is tailored according to individual struggles and addiction. While mental health issues contribute to oxycodone use, oxycodone can also cause or worsen mental health. The only way to truly end addiction is to treat both the mind and body. Without simultaneous treatment, users are likely to relapse. Dual Diagnosis treatment is proven effective at providing long-term recovery.

Are You Struggling with Oxycodone Addiction?

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