Treatment Options for Oxycodone Addiction

Treatment optioins for Oxycodone addictionOxycodone, a prescription drug that depresses the central nervous system, is widely taken in higher than prescription doses and has become a drug of choice for many recreational drug users. In recent years, use of oxycodone has increased by as much as 300%. Oxycodone is an opiate, making an addiction especially difficult to recover from.

Oxycodone Addiction Recovery

Opiates alleviate pain quite effectively, and for this reason they also carry a high risk of dependency. In some cases, it can be difficult to believe that you are addicted to an opiate. This is possible because oxycodone users who are not using the drug for recreation have, or at one time had, a legitimate reason to take the drug. The longer you take oxycodone, the more you will require to produce the same level of pain-relief. This is how addiction happens, and if you believe that you may be addicted, please don’t wait to ask for help.

Oxycodone Addiction Treatment Options

Rehab options do exist for oxycodone addiction. Depending on the severity of the addiction, a complete recovery can take place in as soon as two weeks, or as long as one year. Because of the painful withdrawal symptoms and high rate of relapse associated with oxycodone addiction, no recovery will be easy. The process will require constant support and consistent accountability.

Designated centers for the outpatient or residential treatment of oxycodone addiction exist, and have excellent track records for meaningful, successful recoveries.  Both residential and outpatient facilities are equipped to provide detox services, and will monitor the patient throughout the process.

Another common rehab method for opiate addicts is the use of manufactured medicines. Beginning one of these medication regimens means you will be able to stop taking opiates immediately. Depending on the process, your medication will gradually be stepped down to lower doses, and eventually you will take no medication. This method is beneficial because it is heavily monitored by a healthcare professional and you will be taking consistent dosages.

Long-Term Recovery for Oxycodone Addiction

No matter which treatment option you choose, it is essential that you involve others throughout the process. Trying to beat an oxycodone addiction on your own greatly reduces the chances of success. A trusted doctor can point you in the right direction for treatment. After treatment, it is important to seek the counsel and accountability of a trusted friend or family member, therapist or doctor to aid you in the avoidance of a relapse.

Need Help Finding Treatment Centers for Oxycodone Addiction?

If you are battling an addiction to oxycodone, there is hope, and there are recovery options. No long-term recovery is easy, but it will always be beneficial. It can start now. Please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline and allow us to help you find the recovery solutions you need to help you live a life free of oxycodone.