Using Oxycodone for Pain Management

Using Oxycodone for Pain ManagementOxycodone is prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain. It is most commonly prescribed as a post-surgery analgesic.While many patients have no intention of abusing their prescription, addiction canoccur due to the powerful nature of the narcotic.

Physical and Psychological Oxycodone Addiction

Oxycodone removes the discomfort pain produces by increasing a person’s tolerance to it and perception of it. It does not eliminate pain, but it does mask it. A person will become physically dependent on oxycodone’s ability to prevent painful sensations, as the brain will be so used to artificial pain management that it will no longer produce such relief naturally. While the body will readjust, the transition period creates a sense of fear in many users. Fear of reoccurring pain can lead to oxycodone abuse.

A side effect of oxycodone use is the release of endorphins that create feelings of calm and wellbeing. The drug manufactures such feelings at a greater rate and level than the brain canaccomplish naturally, and this creates a new experience for the user. The pleasurable mental side effects of oxycodone can lead to psychological addiction.

Conquering Oxycodone Addiction Begins with Conquering Fear

Addiction and recovery are often surrounded by fears. These fears may include the following:

  • Fear of discovery by friends or coworkers
  • Fear of withdrawal symptoms
  • Fear of life without oxycodone

This fear can be paralyzing. To overcome fear and find a pain-free and drug-free life, consider your long-term situation. Look at the benefits of finding help now rather than later.

Find Oxycodone and Pain Management Help

We offer a free and confidential recovery helpline that is available 24 hours a day. Our trained recovery counselors will talk with you about addiction and recovery and will help you find a recovery option that best suits your personal situation. The sooner you act the easier it will be to regain control of your life. Give us a call today, and let us support you in your recovery.