What Made My Loved One an Oxycodone Addict?

What Made My Loved One an Oxycodone Addict?Oxycodone is an opiate drug that stimulates the nervous system and temporarily decreases pain. Many people who suffer from chronic pain take this drug by prescription to feel better and to function normally in everyday life. Other people use this drug illegally to feel high. It doesn’t matter whether a person has a prescription for oxycodone or not, as this drug is addictive regardless of the reasons behind use. Many people who use or abuse oxycodone can develop physical and psychological dependencies on the drug. If someone you know has become addicted to oxycodone, there are many possible causes behind his or her addiction. However no matter the cause of oxycodone addiction there is always hope for recovery.

Causes of Oxycodone Addictions

A person can develop a drug addiction because of any number of factors. Many people who abuse the drug originally received the drug from a doctor. People with oxycodone prescriptions are most often dealing with severe and chronic pain, and they may start abusing the drug to enhance their sense of well-being. They may increase dosage to fully mask pain or to combat the effects of drug tolerance, but, even if you are experienced real pain, this is drug abuse and can lead to addiction. Other people use oxycodone without a prescription because of issues like social pressure, curiosity or stress.

Solutions to Oxycodone Addictions

When a person develops an oxycodone addiction, it may seem like there is no hope for a return to a drug-free life. The reality is that many treatment programs are available that deal specifically with prescription drug abuse. Oxycodone addicts can get help from rehab centers, therapists and counselors, peer support groups, medical care and more. Help is available, but a person must first recognize his or her oxycodone abuse problem and then reach out to these recovery resources. The sooner a person acknowledges addiction and the need for recovery help, the sooner his or her treatment and drug-free life can begin.

Getting Help with an Oxycodone Addiction

If someone you love is struggling with an oxycodone addiction, we can help. We are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions about oxycodone addiction and how you can best help a loved one or yourself. Call our toll-free helpline to learn about treatment options and ways to get your loved one the treatment he or she needs to begin a new and oxycodone-free life.