Why Patience Is Important in a Loved One’s Rehab

Why Patience Is Important in a Loved One’s Rehab

Addiction recovery takes time, and loved ones of individuals in recovery should be patient with the process

In today’s society, we expect immediate results. Although the idea of immediate results is ideal and extremely rewarding, sometimes the process and time it takes to reach an important goal cannot be rushed. Recovering from an addiction to a drug like oxycodone can take time, and it is impossible to move recovery any faster. Being patient with recovering addicts during their rehab can give them the added confidence and support they need to keep on track.

Why Is Rehab a Long-Term Process?

Rehabilitation is a life-long process, which will more than likely be tested on a daily basis. Included in the following are some examples of why rehab is a long-term process:

  • Constant re-adjusting
  • New experiences
  • Total life overhaul

Old habits die hard, such as smoking or even poor eating habits. Sometimes something as small as a commercial promoting either could cause a trigger in a person who is already struggling to commit to a healthier life style. This is the same with recovering addicts. Any event, sound, smell, or even location could trigger and spark an intense craving. Recovering addicts will need to constantly re-adjust their life to accommodate their new lifestyle of sober living. New experiences, both good and bad, could also ignite a craving, which means the recovering addict must always be on guard and aware of her surroundings. Sobriety is total life overhaul, as the recovering addict must think, act, and live differently than she did in the past. This does not happen overnight, it takes triumphs and failures for the addict to know what strategies do or do not work for her.

Why Is Being Patient Important?

Being patient for results can make days seem like months and months seem like years. However, for addicts this can make or break their attempt to achieve and maintain sobriety. Included in the following are some examples on why being patient is important for addicts and/or recovering addicts:

  • Helps them feel understood
  • Helps them feel supported
  • Helps them maintain relationships

Addicts and recovering addicts often struggle with feelings of isolation or moments where they feel as though their loved ones do not care about them and their struggles with addiction. By being patient, it shows you understand them and support their new lifestyle. Not only can this give an addict the push he needs to continue with sobriety, it can help build a strong relationship, one which the addict can rely on when he feels he is at risk of relapsing.

Oxycodone Addiction Treatment

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