Why Willpower Alone Won’t Help You Abstain from Oxycodone

Why Willpower Alone Won’t Help You Abstain from Oxycodone

Overcoming oxycodone addiction is a difficult accomplishment; one that cannot be done alone

Addiction is both a powerful motivator and de-motivator. The neurochemical pathways that are affected are ones that are also involved in many emotional and logical processes, meaning that addiction is not something that exists independently from the self. It is a process that can easily take over somebody’s whole persona. While many people feel the need to curb their addiction, it is easier said than done. The causes and effects are deeply engrained in the brain, and therefore the mind.

The Role of Oxycodone in Addiction

Due to the aforementioned effects of drug addiction, many addicts will never be able to conquer their addictions alone. A proper support system is integral to the recovery process. Let’s take the example of Oxycodone. When a person becomes addicted to an opioid or opiate, which Oxycodone is, it affects the inhibitory neurotransmitter system of the brain. This causes the neurons to become less active, and they are less likely to produce an action potential. What this means is that they are less likely to create electric impulses. This is able to produce euphoria, and subsequently, addiction.

Since oxycodone is an opiate, addiction to this powerful drug goes hand in hand with all of the dark stories one hears about opiate addiction. It is not unlike morphine or heroin addiction, meaning that kicking the habit can be a lifelong struggle.

How you can fight this

Recognizing his addiction and developing the will to quit is only the first step of the process. While recognizing the problem is very important, maintaining the motivation to fight it is another story. Addicts will often find themselves motivated to not take the drug any more, but after a longer period of abstinence they will find it increasingly difficult to continue abstaining. The brain, in its compromised state, is less able to deal with the impulse to take the drug again. The fact that they no longer receive the drug will diminish their ability to fight its effects. This perpetuates a vicious cycle of relapse and addiction reinforcement.

The way to fight this is to trust others and to admit that this is not something that can be easily overcome through willpower alone. This is why rehabilitation centers are far more effective at treating patients than they are themselves. These centers promote a full mind and body recovery, which focuses on more than just drug abstinence. It focuses on developing a good support system, reinforcing positive behavior, and most importantly, reinforcing positive thought processes. By oneself, that last one can be very difficult. This is due in part to the effects of addiction, causing a kind of catch-22 situation cyclical effect. Being an addict is nothing to be embarrassed about, but is rather something that should be faced with clarity and honesty. Don’t wait any longer! Be active, and get help from others. That is where recovery will truly start.

Are you suffering from addiction?

If you need help preventing your drug habit from taking over your life, don’t try with willpower alone. We are here to help, and give advice and guidance. To reach us, call us on our toll free hotline, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.