Why Won’t My Son or Daughter Stop Using Oxycodone on Their Own?

Why Won't My Son or Daughter Stop Using Oxycodone on Their Own?Oxycodone is a semi-synthetic opiate painkiller derived from thebaine, one of the chemicals found in the opium poppy. With repeated use, oxycodone can lead to addiction. When the drug is abused, the chance of addiction increases. Oxycodone causes the brain to receive large doses of dopamine, which creates strong feelings of euphoria. High doses of the drug over a period of time can cause the brain to compensate for the large amounts of dopamine, and this leads to tolerance. Tolerance can cause uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms when drug use is stopped, which motivates an individual to keep using oxycodone even when it is no longer enjoyable.

How Oxycodone Addiction Changes Brain Chemistry

Oxycodone works in the same way as natural chemicals in the brain that provide pain relief, such as endorphins. Oxycodone attaches to opioid receptors and blocks pain signals in the brain, triggering a release of dopamine. Dopamine produces feelings of relaxation and euphoria, which signal the brain’s reward system. This can motivate an individual to seek out and use the drug.

How to Help a Child Quit Using Oxycodone

Parents are often hesitant to say no when their sons or daughters need help. While it may be difficult to cut off a loved one, providing financial assistance or covering for your child can perpetuate an addiction to oxycodone.

The following are examples of support that may enable oxycodone use:

  • Providing financial assistance
  • Buying groceries
  • Covering for missed work
  • Ignoring bad behavior due to intoxication
  • Allowing your child to use drugs in your home

Ways to support your son or daughter without enabling an addiction include the following:

  • Offering to attend family counseling
  • Driving your child to a support group
  • Spending quality time together
  • Setting boundaries for behavior

As a last resort, parents may decide to disallow their child from living with them. This may seem extreme, but if an individual’s life is in danger from oxycodone addiction, an extreme consequence, such as losing a place to live, may force the individual to face reality.

How an Intervention Can Help a Child Begin Oxycodone Addiction Recovery

Individuals addicted to oxycodone may have to reach a low point in order to recognize how the drug is affecting their lives and those around them. Parents and other loved ones can plan an intervention to convince an individual to enter treatment. When family members come together and point out how oxycodone addiction is harming an individual’s life and relationships, it can force the individual to confront his or her addiction.

Help for Oxycodone Addiction

If your loved one is abusing oxycodone, call us today. Our counselors can answer your questions about oxycodone addiction and recommend effective treatment programs. Call our toll-free 24 hour helpline now to get the help your son or daughter needs.