Why Your Therapists Aren’t Your Enemy

Why Your Therapists Aren’t Your Enemy

Therapists are not the enemy; they want to see each and every patient succeed

Addicts new to, or returning to, therapy and recovery are often in denial, combative or resistant. Those who do not stick to their recovery program often leave before experiencing the benefits of treatment. They return to abusing drugs like oxycodone with stories of the ineffectiveness of treatment and treatment providers, and friends and family members may come to share this same view, as they witness addicts continue to use and cause harm to self and others. While court-mandated rehab stays exist, no one can be forced to recover. Therapists want to work with patients to discover solutions and provide a real and lasting base for recovery, but this cannot happen overnight and it cannot happen without participation, effort and teamwork on all sides. There is no cure for addiction to painkillers like oxycodone, only treatment and maintenance. Individuals expecting immediate, easy or definitive answers to addiction are often disappointed or frustrated by therapy and rehab.

Goals of Addiction Therapy

Feelings of frustration, loss and denial commonly surface as the brain and body experience withdrawal and begin the recovery journey. Those who give up at this point will only remember these negative experiences, but these emotions are not the fault of therapists. Those who are willing to put in effort and continue with treatment find that therapists care deeply, have extensive knowledge and work hard with patients to develop means to manage negative thoughts and find the motivation needed to continue with treatment and achieve long-term recovery.

Therapists’ goals are to provide patients with motivation and determination, coping skills and the means to build healthy relationships and move forward in life and career. They cannot do the work for a patient, but they can help motivate her to find a better, healthier life, and they can show her how this life can be achieved. They recognize that each patient is an individual with individual concerns, needs and goals, and they customize therapy to provide the best results. Therapists are not the enemy; they want to see each and every patient succeed in maintaining a drug-free life and becoming who she truly is.

Finding Professional Addiction Therapy Resources

While no therapist is the enemy, some therapists, and therapy options, will be a better fit for you than others. Call our toll-free helpline to discuss the various forms of addiction therapy and therapy specialists available and to determine which options meet your or your loved one’s unique recovery needs. Recovery from oxycodone addiction is a journey, and we are here 24 hours a day to help you take the first steps.