Women and Oxycodone Addiction

Women and Oxycodone AddictionOxycodone is an opioid, a class of drugs which also includes morphine, codeine, fentanyl and hydrocodone. It is found in a number of prescription drugs, including Percocet, Percodan and Tylox, to control pain. It elevates levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is linked to pleasurable experiences. People abuse oxycodone to experience a euphoric high, and women may seek this high for several unique reasons. Get help today to promote recovery and to help someone get clean.

Why Women Become Addicted to Oxycodone

According to a report issued by the Office of National Drug Control Policy at the White House, females become dependent on drugs like oxycodone faster, and they also suffer the consequences sooner than men do. Several risk factors make females vulnerable to substance abuse and women abuse drugs for reasons that differ from men’s reasons. Women become addicted to oxycodone for any of the following reasons:

  • Low self-esteem. Women are particularly prone to self-esteem struggles in today’s image-driven culture. When they feel like they can’t measure up, they may turn to oxycodone to help themselves feel better.
  • Trauma. Many women who have been physically or sexually abused turn to oxycodone to numb resulting emotional pain. They would rather avoid the memories and pain of the experience than do the difficult work of dealing with it.
  • Stress. In the past, men were more prone to oxycodone addiction as they dealt with the stress of their careers. However, with women now equaling men in the workplace, they experience the same stress and also abuse oxycodone to feel better.
  • Being a stay-at-home mom. Because they lack another adult with whom they can share life, many women feel abandoned and alone despite interacting with their children. These emotions are coupled with the stresses of caring for their children and their spouses, which may promote drug abuse.
  • Body chemistry. Women don’t metabolize drugs as well as men, which means they will feel the effects of oxycodone more dramatically. This increases the likelihood of addiction.

While many women turn to oxycodone to deal with difficulties, they do not realize that oxycodone addiction only makes their situations worse.

Treatment for Oxycodone Addiction

The first step in overcoming an addiction is detox, the process of removing oxycodone from the body. Once detox is complete, you can choose one of several treatment options to heal further. Most treatment facilities offer 30, 60 or 90-day treatment options. Many offer even longer treatment, up to 12 months of either inpatient or outpatient treatment.

During rehab, you will identify and break the habits you developed as an addict. You will also identify and work through any emotional issues you have that triggered the addiction, as well as those that might trigger a relapse afterwards. You will also work on building skills to reenter your life drug-free.

Find Help for Oxycodone Addiction

If a you or a loved one struggles with oxycodone addiction, seek help immediately. You can call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline anytime to talk with one of our admissions coordinators. We can provide information about addiction treatment options, so call us today for instant help.